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  1. No, no Val. Fontova knows nothing about Cuba. You have to ask real experts, like Gordon Barnes, a philosophy professor at SUNY-Brockport (as written in an email to Aleksander Boyd – http://www.vcrisis.com):

    “Have you looked closely at what life was like in Cuba BEFORE Castro? It was the ususal story: a few people with all the wealth, and everyone else poor, illiterate, with no access to health care. As far as what Cuba is like these days, the literacy rate is far higher than it ever was before Castro, and the health care is universal. People are poor, but they have a quality of life that is much better than it was before Castro (unless you are one of the few Cubans who were finally forced to share your wealth with others). Moreover, how much stronger could the Cuban economy be if the United States did not have an embargo in place? Don’t talk to me about the Cuban economy as if the US embargo had nothing to do with it. I have an Bahamian Uncle who has visited Cuba many times, and he is always amazed at the fact that Castro can go into the villages and sleep with his own people without any fear. Why is that, do you think ?”

  2. Hey, where are the happy, well-fed, and grateful guests of the Regimen de Boniato praising their 100% literacy and free health care? That article must be fraudulent. Where’s the part where they compare Che to Jesus?

  3. In Fontova’s article he refers to a film “Cursed Be Your Name, Libery”. Does anyone know where I can purchase this film? I googled it and came up with different articles that talk about it but I could not find a site that was selling it.

  4. Ahh..so refreshing to read the blogs from our “useful idiots”, hopefully they will stay and learn something from reading Babalu, Paxety and other blogs….shop and compare my friends, not everything you read about Cuba comes from “right wing conspiracy groups” like this one!! huh?
    So, to move on to more productive and stimulating conversation (people like that previous guy really bore me now!!) Fontova is AMAZING~!! so detailed, factual, and CORRECT~~ I recollect memories of actual moments while living in Cuba where Fontova actually talks about them! BTW, I am really interested in hearing what that professor a “real expert” Gordon Barnes has to say about Cuba, anyone else for pie in the face???

  5. Impressive. Long read but well worth it.

    There’s no way the MSM would ever publish or admit to most of what Fontova described in painful detail. Too much of that right-wing conspiracy stuff.

    Left-wing conspiracy theories? Now THAT’S fair game (cough…Karl Rove…cough).

  6. Frank, the facts in Fontova article are correct and you may verify them from the sources he listed as well as others. Not to mention the Cuban eye witnesses to the events. But then you’d have to give up the lie that you choose to believe. Do you know what someone is when they ignore truth and stand idle in the face of crimes against humanity? Collaborator. Think about it.

  7. Kathleen and carmen: Sorry if I misled. Sarcasm is difficult to convey in writing. I know very well what Castro is. I just found it funny that this professor self appoints as an expert on Cuban matters, writing such a bunch of common places and misconceptions, negating the detailed accounts given by Cubans themselves.

  8. Disculpa…
    Be careful with sarcasm ok? Like Kathleen, I am edgy by all the “crap” we get thrown our way over and over again…

  9. Fantastic article! I’m making my teenagers read it. In my efforts to keep them ignorant of the sorrow I quietly carry in my hear for the land of my birth, I have mistakenly also kept them ignorant of the facts & circumstances – so very well expounded in this excellent article. Like Carmen posted earlier, memories long hidden as a child, came back of certain events as described by Fontova. Thank you Val, I would have missed this if not for your posting.

  10. Lately i’ve been studying more and more about my Cuban history. I can’t believe how little I actually knew until I started reading for this personal investigation. My espanol is pretty iffy, so i never read the books that my parents had, and they never actually sat down and taught the history to us. And, lets face it, in the 70’s I was way more interested in getting boys to notice me and talking my papi into letting me get bellbottoms and miniskirts (the pants i got, the skirts i had to roll up once i got to school). I am saving Fontova’s article because it covers the revolution and its aftermath so concisely. It’s scholarly, yet accessible. My husband, the social studies teacher, will have this one added to his stash of resources. My college-aged son is getting this emailed to him and when my 10 year old daughter is old enough, she will read it too. The older I get the more fired up i am that this hijo de puta is still alive and kicking and is still the big cheese in Cuba — it boggles the mind…or what’s that Cuban saying i just learned from Val the other day….le ronca los cojo……ooops, papi says that’s very filthy and not to say it….shoot, i’m having so much fun reminscing on old Cubanisms and learning new ones. Anyway, muchisimas gracias, Val. I’m learning so much and am being truly enriched at the same time. Blessings to you and yours.

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