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  1. Qu’e envidia siento, hermanos… y qu’e buen ejemplo para el mundo libre de c’omo funciona la libre empresa!
    For the monolinguals amongst thee, I merely said that I feel a great envy, and what a good example for the free world about how free enterprise works.
    Wish I were there at ManCamp in Florida! Guess I will have to relish the memories of my May visit, earlier this year after the end of CubaNostalgia –while I continue to figure out how to establish a ManCamp-Maryland branch.

  2. Val,
    It’s working but the image is the very same first image, it hasn’t refreshed. I installed Smell-O-Net, so I will be getting the smell too. Nice work!

  3. CB

    The problem is that I shouldnt open the grille that often. I need to maintain a constant temp and good amount of hickory smoke.

    Once Steve and the Official ManCamp Drunnken Photographer arraive, the ribcam will see some more action.

    Right now its set to upload at 30 second intervals.

  4. Hey, I thought there was going to be sound. CB be careful with the Smell O Net. The hungry hordes will be banging on your door, demanding a share.

  5. Kate,
    Yeah, Smell-O-net is risky!
    I have hordes banging on my door already, we have embarked in our usual festival of excess here too!
    it’s showing the same image and the same date and time, fix that up, we need updates!!!!
    And maybe you should work on a system of franchises… Just a thought!

  6. Yes, I was doing that and didn’t work, now it’s apparently working… I was clicking refresh like mad man, I wanted to see what you had inside that grill!!!!!

  7. I am going to miss ManCamp? today. Val, Steve, I wish I were there, my brothers. I can almost smell the ribs… (sigh) My second Colombian debauchery session of the weekend begins in an about two hours. Agua Ardiente, un escochesito, arepas, and sundry other treats.

  8. Te la comes Val …
    El letrero de ME CAGO EN FIDEL , lo cubre algo negro a veces y la ultima letra, La L de “LADRON”, esta parcialmente cubierta . Pero co?o ! ese BBQ me hace la boca agua. !

  9. Translation, please! the verb “cagar”(?) is not in my Spanish dictionary. I have a general idea of what it means; however, I don’t speak Cubonics.

  10. Dude, you should sell tickets and make it a charity fundraiser for anti-cagastro causes.

  11. Smell-O-net has been enhanced by my own pork cooking here!
    I have a loop open to see y’all in action…
    Nice event!
    Regina, cagar means to take a dump. Sorry for being that graphic, but that’s not Cubonics, that’s old Castillian stock language. Add it to your dictionary. Microsoft Word’s dictionary doesn’t contain it!

  12. This is so wrong at so many levels that I dont know where to begin!

    And you people sit there and do nothing about it?!?!

    How dare Val place webcams on his site torturing us with such food debauchery while all we can do is sit here chewing on our lips and lengua while he downs cold ones as he waits for that ever so tender,melts like butter in your mouth roasted pig!

    Dont know about you guys but I will be contacting “The Food Network” to see if there are laws against this sort of net torture!

  13. Both cameras are showing a good deal of action!
    That’s ManCamp’s OWN Kitchen Stadium, the Local Team is prepared to whup Iron Chef’s ass big time!

  14. Ay, Dios m’io!!!
    Has ManCamp incurred the wrath of totalitarianism? What’s up with “The Mrs.”? Is she on the warpath?
    I thought those beer-guzzling, barbecue-munching, iguana-worshipping outlandish South Floridians had finished setting up “WomanCamp” just for her and her ilk!
    What’s going on in Miami right now? Inquiring minds… NEED to know!
    And how were the ribs, chicken wings, etc.???

  15. Hay Julito! Ace reporter..Dennis acabo con mi girlcamp.It’s now on Vals honey do list, I’m still try to get then to leave.Las costillitas were FAB! Moros platanitos y arroz con leche,, Wait a sec,,, fuia a poner la escoba en la puerta(I’ve tried everything else!

  16. Most Dear Mrs.,
    As good ole Mr. T used to say, “I pity the fool…” who has a long, long, l-o-n-g honey-do list…
    If *he* has an ounce of common sense, he *will* take care of that list, and then proceed with regular (ManCamp) business.
    Please be advised that I hope to visit Florida in May 2006, for CubaNostalgia –THE Rumbera Poster is already on order, and there’s a good chance I may be able to “sneak in” a short visit to the Sunshine State in January or February, though at this point I don’t know if I will have enough time to meander as far south as your manse.
    But if I do, at either time, I’ll be *glad* to volunteer some time to help in the re-construction of WomanCamp. No, this is not a case of brown-nosing at all… I have a very definite selfish agenda here, and that is that if the folks in WomanCamp are “contented,” they will leave the folks in ManCamp sufficiently alone so they can do their own thing. Ergo, *everyone* wins.
    And I’m all for that.
    Except when it comes to fidel, of course. I have to do what I can to make him lose, sooner or later. He will lose, everyone else will win.
    Wish I had been there with you guys this weekend, to enjoy some of that barbecue stuff. And the potables.
    Really enjoyed the thrill of the videocams. Many, many thanks!
    Enviously yours,

  17. Darn, I went to the beach and missed the fun of watching the Mrs. take charge. Good going M. Before all you guys start booing, do you really want to listen to Val complaining about the hangover tomorrow?

  18. Kathleen,
    I suffered a crippling blow to my left knee last weekend –an unfortunate maritime accident that kept me hanging around the house all week and through all of this weekend, feeling rather sorry (and *very* painfully) for myself.
    Nevertheless, I was able to hobble around the yard here in Maryland this morning/early afternoon, picking up some of the very first 2005 garden-grown tomatoes and tinkering with my version of ManCamp-Maryland. A few Pennsylvania beers (Victory Storm King Imperial Stout –GREAT stuff) made the process go *a lot* smoother, as did the views I saw through the ManCamp webcams.
    The answer to your question is, of course, a resounding NO! Val will simply have to learn to suffer… in silence. As’i es la vida!
    And I sure hope he *doesn’t* forget the “honey-do” list, or there WILL be hell to pay!

  19. Julio, Hope your knee heals soon. There is almost nothing like home grown tomatos..yum. I’m planning on May 06 as well, I wonder if they know we are ALL coming?

  20. Robert & Kathleen,
    As they say on the other side of the Pond, “guerra avisada no mata soldado.” I think that this year’s CubaNostalgia was such a success that we can expect significant increases in 2006, both in term of Babalublog volunteers and visitors, so I hope Val is already giving some thought to the next edition. His father, in fact, may have to build some sort of “extension” to that steel framework, so we can fit everyone in it.
    And speaking of Val, has anybody heard from him since yesterday?
    I wonder if he had to sharing lodgings with Babalu the canine?
    It’s nearly 7 AM and he hasn’t posted anything… surely a bad sign. I wonder if he’s fighting “la resaca”… if the Mrs. has stopped throwing pots and pans at him…
    Inquiring minds… want to know!

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