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  1. Suppossedly, the U.S. gets about 7% of its oil from Venezuela, while that country gets about 70 (seventy!) percent of its imports from the U.S.
    Venezuela’s threat to stop exporting oil to the U.S. sounds like an offer to cut one’s nose to spite one’s face.
    And how long will it be before the high cost of oil starts to have a pernicious “boomerang effect” on the Venezuelan economy?
    After all, if you are, say, a businessman who grows wheat and you suddently find your energy costs going up by about 20-30%, how long will it be before you must pass on those increases to the costs of your product, so you won’t find yourself slowly heading for bankruptcy?
    Doesn’t “minime” hugo chavez realize that one simply cannot eat oil? …even after it has been refined?
    Meantime, unemployment and per capita income, and many other very negative indexes (such as the total number of private businesses in the country), continue to follow a trend *against* Venezuela, rather than in *favor* of it. According to the figures put out by none other than the Venezuelan government itself, the level of poverty there *continues* to rise. Even though the price of the country’s chief export (a barrel of oil) has gone from $9 to about $60 during hugo’s tenure.
    What will happen to the country of Venezuela if the price of oil were to collapse… or even stabilize for a while?
    I wonder what Simon Bolivar himself would have said –and done– about all this?

  2. Speaking of must-read, have you seen this quote from the “Super Size Me” guy? What a tool, what a tard:

    “Right now, I’m planning a trip to Cuba. I want to experience the coutnry and its people before that Pandora’s box is opened there. Because you know after the day Fidel dies, the shipments of American consumer crap will come flooding in.” — Morgan “My Mouth is Wrapped around Castro’s Organ” Spurlock

    Check the link if you want a laugh. I got this from Danegerus, who got it from Inoperable Terran.

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