Useful Idiots, Part 4,462 (UPDATE #2)

Two stories this morning about “courageous Americans” defying the evil laws preventing travel to Cuba:

Movie shot in Cuba against embargo screened in Miami Beach

Greet the Cuba Travel Challenge August 1, 2005, Buffalo

It’s more of the same stupidity, like a tape playing in an infinite loop.

UPDATE #1: It seems that an alleged witness to Mr. Moro’s visit has replied in the comments section. I think it deserves a response from Babal?’s readers.

UPDATE #2: BAM added another gem about twenty-five minutes later. Respond to it as well.

Update #3: July 25 – BAM and Mr. Moro need to refer to this post for further commentary.

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  1. I suspect that these movies are not anti-cagastro in content. Since some of the filmmakers are Cuban Americans I would love for them to come forward and explain if they are movies are anti-cagastro or pro-cagastro. There’s no neutrality in this issue…. If the movies are anti-cagastro, well they have my support for shooting them in the belly of the beast. If they are pro-cagastro, well, boys, face the music!

    Maybe I am mistaken by the lyrics of the soundrack featured in the trailer are not bad. They are pretty much anti-cagastro. The music is good too, pretty much what was doing as contestatary underground in Cuba at the time I left.
    Maybe Moro is anti-embargo, and anti-cagastro at the same time. That’s not an unusual combination. The photography is really good, and it shows the existing conditions in Cuba.
    I take everything with a grain of salt, though.
    Maybe the message is anti-cagastro and if it is, I think that we should show support for this particular movie maker, since all the references that we see coming from Hollywood are procagastrist.

  3. Actually, it seems like the more Americans visit Cuba, the more they’ll come back with a better perspective on what’s going on there. Even communists can’t cover up the misery, poverty, and want. All they can do is try to pretend the US is the bad guy for not giving them money.

  4. I was there when these “heros” were shooting their “heroic film”. I had the priviledge of staying in the same hotel and eating dinner with them…. Talking to them, I have never been so shocked by the ignorance and arrogance of this type of American and the way they stomped around the place like cowboys completely unaware of what was really going on around them and too “afraid” to leave the hotel and go on the streets and meet the real cubans and see what their life REALLY was like. They were shocked that I walked alone on the streets and actually talked to the Cubans….??? They were more excited at how high the waves come over the Malecon when there is a storm than anything to do with Cuba and what is going on there. At one point their attitude pissed off the hotel workers so much that the hotel workers managed to sabbotage the shoot so they couldn’t film there anymore, not that they noticed as they never stopped and to talk to anyone about anything except to ramble on about how great the US is and how exciting it was to “break the law” by shooting a film there. They spoke English insulting the people thinking that the Cubans were too stupid to understand…. Shocking really shocking especially from Luis Moro whose parents come from Cuba… snapping his fingers at the waiters in the hotel and complaining about the food… made me sick to my stomach.

  5. Christopher:
    My experience is that they go thinking is paradise and come back thinking that is just another Latin American country, and that is JUST NOT enough knowledge.
    On one of my trips I met a few Americans going on a “photo” excursion. On the way back (same two week stay period) they indeed said it was a “bit” depressing but “quaint”
    Yeah “quaint” like a brain tumor is just a headache
    They see what KaSStro wants them to see , which indeed falls way short of paradise , but the true misery , the poverty the suffering of the Cuban people is never shown,
    I have gone through the exercise of seeing Cuba as a tourist (good hotel, rental car, PLENTY of BRIBING dollars etc) and in fact is not any worse than let’s say Sao Paulo. Now get OFF the car and walk the side streets (which I have done in MOST Latin America’s cities I have visited) try to find a neighborhood drug store, try to get a god damn glass of water in an area that is removed from the “tourist” track by even 2 blocks.
    My mention of Sao Paulo is not haphazard. I thought that Sao Paulo was the biggest shit hole on earth (This was prior to my revisiting Cuba after a 30+ year absence) I actually went to a ?fevela? (Shanty Town ) to see how much worse than the city it actually was , and it was TERRIBLE , BUT .. They had within walking distance a well stocked pharmacy, grocery stores AND a pretty decent first aid center. (Which I had to visit because seems that Montezuma?s revenge reaches a LOT farther south that I originally though!).
    I didn?t have to be a ?foreigner? to go in the pharmacy, the grocery store or the First Aid center; I did NOT have to pay in ?hard currency?. It cost me the equivalent of 50 USA cents to be seen by an MD and the medicine was GRATIS!
    I met a lady in her 30s waiting for a doctor to see her kid and we chatted a bit about life in general, well the GOVERNMENT in Brazil (which is by all accounts de most corrupt in South America) pays HER to send her kids (2) to school, they also supply uniforms and 3 meals a day for the child. The kid was a rambunctious 7 years old and after we both were treated ( I was actually given some horse pills that contained MORPHINE, Charcoal and an antibiotic, boy does that stop the runs in a hurry!) I wanted to buy the kid some ice cream and we just stepped across the street from the first aid center and VOILA… Every god damn ice cream flavor your heart desires! Now let us see THAT happen in Cuba.
    So.. to see KaSStros Kuba , you need to walk around on your own. Speak Spanish , with a Cuban accent and venture out of the ?Tourist Track? it will be impossible I know, but only under those circumstances you will see the TERROR of Kasstro?s Kuba.

  6. Mshkyn, that’s interesting to know. It’s really good to have your informed (first hand) account and perspective. Let’s see if Luis Moro wants to come here to give us his account. I would love that, and let’s see if he wants to be debated or argued, and if his movie actually portraits what goes on in Cuba. For what I gather from your comment, the impression I have is that the real Cuba is just a backdrop for his story. Since the trailer doesn’t feature any dialogues, just music, it’s very possible that Cuba is just an exotic location. Which is morally wrong!
    I would like to have more of your insight. And Moro’s insight, if he comes and comments.

  7. “Snapping his fingers at the waiters in the hotel and complaining about the food.” That, my friends, proves that Luis Moro is a limousine liberal — the worst kind. What a rotten, hypocritical scumbag. I challenge him to write a comment to this post debunking this.

  8. That’s exactly what I want to see George, I want the guy to explain here his behavoir and work! Let’s see if he dares!

  9. I think the main point here about the illegal movie shoot in Cuba should be the fact that these people choose to ignore the law for their own gain and in a manner disrespectful to the United States. If they get away with it, then I reserve the right to choose a law I don’t feel in tune with and I should be able to break it as well without fear of punishment. And believe me if this becomes acceptable, Mr. Moros is not going to enjoy the law I choose to bypass. So for safety sake, let’s hope the legal system gives Mr. Moro what he deserves. The taking away of his citizenship and deportation to the country he feels comfortable enough to film his movie.

  10. I’m not sure if I’ve seen the entire film, or just the longest-assed trailer there ever was. Nonetheless, a couple of observations:
    1. Un poquito dialogue? Por favor? It’s a love triangle, pero, five solid minutes of beautiful, yet angst-ridden people was a wee bit borrrrrrrring.
    2. I couldn’t help but notice that one of the characters possessed a handgun (looked like a chrome 45?), and appeared to be pointing it at his head. Was this scene shot in the USA? How did they get a weapon (albeit a likely fake) into Cuba? To add realism, perhaps they could show the guy offing himself by living in an actual ramshackle egalitarian housing complex. Or, better yet, surviving on Castro’s rations and nothing else. That’s considerably more likely to induce death.
    3. What’s with the repetitive shots of waves crashing over El Malecon?
    4. Stop the embargo? Come on! There’s plenty of money floating into Cuba despite it. If we drop it tomorrow, el pueblo still suffers while Castro gets even richer. Gimme a break!
    4A. I’m truly sorry that his mother didn’t make it back to Cuba, however, there’s no U.S. law that was stopping her from going home. As it stands, family members may visit once every three years. It’s getting to be a bit of an old saw that the family separations are somehow OUR fault. Now, run along and buy that ticket.
    5. Let’s face it, the arts community (film in particular) loves the concept of a quaint, untouched place where the local campesinos charm them with their mind’s-eye version of a socialist paradise. (Sort of like when so many left coasters moved to Santa Fe, N.M., then decided that growth stunk and everyone, except for themselves should stop moving there. This of course after driving up the prices to the point that many of the locals could no longer afford to live there.) What these artists fail to comprehend is how ridiculous they look lambasting U.S. policy out of one side of their mouths, then kissing a terrorist-tyrant-communist-wretch’s behind by providing aid and support to a government that would absolutely forbid them from producing what they themselves would consider art. (Hello?!!!)
    6. I’m starting the Daisy McCrackin fan club soon! By far, the best visual in the trailer.

  11. “We’re willing to spending $100 billion to free Iraq, but all we have to do is change one law to free Cuba,” Moro said

    If it was only that easy Luis, if it was only that easy…

    Moro’s either not very smart, or one of “them”.

  12. “Greet the Cuba Travel Challenge August 1, Buffalo”
    to quote the website. “…in Cuba- a country where people have free health care and education, where they do not suffer homelessness and hunger and where racism is actively combated, and whose largest export to the poor countries of the world is medical assistance. We support the Cuban people’s sovereign right to have the social system of their choosing–and we want to learn more about it.”

    I am so glad that they want to learn more about Cuba. Where people do not suffer homelessness-as long as there home doesn’t collapse on top of them. Where people don’t suffer hunger-as long as they are able to wait in line for a few hours for a sack of potatos. Where racism is actively combated? Poor doctor. Where people have free health care- roach infested, powerless, unsanitary hospitals cost money? Free education-as long as you stick to the approved reading list. All others are subject to arrest.

    I support the Cuban people’s sovereign right to have the social system of their choosing. I hope that some day they will be able to excercise that “sovereign right”. Beyond anything else I wish that these people who support castro had their wish to live under his regime. On second thought I just one of these people had the balls to live under his regime.

  13. Okay I am gonna go here with the “synopsis”.
    The premise is that a young man who has it ALL he may want (in NYC no less) but the love of the woman he loves, decides to commit suicide… (Woah… fucking original, and rings so TRUEto real life. Doen’t it?! (I already want my money back and I am just reading the plot!)
    So, he decides to go to the only place in the world where man has achieved the total independence from material things and arrives in ?A world that time has stopped and human souls have risen beyond the material surface? Isn?t THAT a contender to the shittiest line of prose you ever read? (And that?s the synopsis. No wonder there’s no dialog on the 5 hour trailer.)
    Now, THAT utopian place is? TA-DA
    C-U-B-A! (Bring out the conga drums cause we gonna RUMBA!)
    Again Woah.. What a piece of ABSOLUTE shit!, A Cuban wrote this ????
    This is as credible as Pam Amderson running for president of MENSA and as sophomoric as? well as anything a LOUSY writer can come up with.
    The whole CUBA setting is just a convenient way to get a LOT of publicity for an independent (read CHEAP) film. Cause if you want to KILL yourself over a woman, Hoboken is as good a place as any. If you fly all the way to Jinetera City, what you REALLY want is to get laid for 10 bucks!!
    NICE fucking waves, great sunsets, Right out of the Nature or Weather channels. KaSStro will probably take credit for THOSE.

    “Yeap , those came with the Revolution, alright!, only the RICH saw THOSE during Batista!”

    I haven?t seen this movie, but man is this just tripe, wrapped around a cheap set or what ?

    First, the director must?ve not wander very far off from his tourist hotel, ?cause THAT ain?t the HABANA Cubans see day in and day out.
    Check the 11th picture in the ?gallery?, I wonder whose ration card they used for that BIT of fiction.
    Check the 6th pic.. Fresh coat of paint, in La Habana vieja?? ?scuse me ?
    Check the 10th , Oh yeah MOST 1955 Chevys DO look like THAT in Cuba.
    What, couldn?t find a nice Moskovitch ?
    This atrocity is bad in so many levels it is difficult to imagine anyone taking this thing seriously AT ALL. As far as US Cubans go, this is just insulting !
    Give US a fucking break.
    The only thing missing on this piece of cinematographic poo-poo is an N at the end of Mr. Moro?s name.

  14. I started writing in this comment as a doubting Thomas, giving Mr. Moro the benefit of the doubt. Then, I watched the long trailer, and I read the opinion of an eye witness about the behaviour of Mr. Moro and his team on the ground in Havana. I asked Mr. Moro to come here to talk to us about his work and his behaviour. And then I googled Mr. Moro.
    I could go far deconstructing him.
    I could fall short deconstructing him.
    So far, he has deconstructed himself not coming to this blog to show his true colors and markings, so I will have to undertake the task of lashing at this person:
    1- Breaking the law -even if you don’t like the law- is just that, illegal. Especially since there are licenses in place that allow people to travel to Cuba for art purposes. Why then you had to do it illegaly? Being an artiste doens’t exempt one of the observance of the law.
    2- It’s very unlikely that somebody goes to Cuba to commit suicide. Well, unless in he wanted to pass away in a blast unnoticed, since Cuba is the most suicidal country in the world, per all statistical accounts. Why would and affluent New Yorker go there, where there are no guns readily available to pull a trigger against himself? Is there a political symbolism in this? If the New Yorker wanted to kill himself, why not commit suicide by goon and use the opportunity to kill cagastro? that in the case that he was so really worried about Cuba.
    3- If you did use Cuba just an as exotic backdrop, why didn’t you? According to what I read in my google search, there’s no mention of the plight of the Cuban people in any of the instances Mr. Moro and his film come about.
    4- I simply don’t buy the idea that you could film openly in Cuba without the authorization of officers of the regime. There’s an special section at the Ministry of Culture that deals with those applications that have to be filed with the ICAIC (instituto de arte e industria cinematograficos de Cuba) and there’s a bureaucratic process that hinders the process to no end if you offer the slightest doubt about your movie not being a piece of propaganda) please notice that both the MinCult (orwellian as it sounds) and the ICAIC, are actually canvassed by the G2 at all times by internally placed agents, this is a well know fact, ask any Cuban intellectual. Check their websites: &
    5- Photographing and filming with no permits is verbotten in certain areas, like the Plaza Civica (cultist name, revolution square) One of my cameras was confiscated in an ocassion I tried to take a photograph of the Monument of Marti in the aforementioned place, in 1991, when I still lived in Cuba, and I was not an exotic filmmaker from L.A.
    6- Being Black, if Mr. Moro wanted to make a movie in Cuba there’s enough to say about the situation in which Cuban Blacks live, in discrimination and squalor. Judging by the images, his own black character doesn’t have much of a saying, being relegated -in typical joyful Hollywood fashion- to be a human component in the backdrop. Music though, is provided by blacks, and many of the faces of the passerbys are black too. Is their story told? I fear not.
    7- The music is very good. Did you understand the lyrics Mr. Moro? Did you understand that they are not happy living in land where they are figuratively and literally bond and gagged if they dare to speak their minds? By the way, they are owed royalties by their work, you know that. Not a few wrinkled dollars under the table. Royalties and proper credit. You don’t even mention them in your website, and that’s shameful.
    8- The photography work I saw is beautiful. Does it portrait the realities on the streets of Havana? Does it do justice to the state of disrepair of buildings and people? Was it used to transmit a message of a needed change in Cuba, not by allowing Americans to travel but by doing away with the cause of all the disgraces of Cubans, fidel cagastro? Once he is gone, believe me Mr. Moro, Americans will be able to travel to Cuba without any law pending over them, and they will continue to be more than welcome in Cuba by its people.
    9- What do you plan to do with the proceeds? They are legally yours to keep. Do you think that they are morally yours to keep when you saw the condition under which your fellow countrymen and countrywomen live? Any intention of donating to a cause to do away with dictatorship or to the independent librarians? That could be in all honesty your redemption. I am praying that I am being unfare to you and that I am totally wrong and that you come here and say: I don’t support cagastro and my movie shows it in these and these other ways…. Will you come to discuss anything? I doubt. Believe me, if you are against cagastro and your movie shows it clearly you will have all my support and the support of many others.
    10- I am not going to ask if you have a net of support in Cuba, because you obviously do. I won’t ask who they are or how they helped you. But I will like to ask you to think who you helped while in Cuba. The people of Cuba? The tyranny?
    11- As you saw in Havana, Cubans are very respectful and cordial with visitors, even when they behave like arrogant ignoramuses. They didn’t blast the living bejesus out of your tail lights when you snapped your fingers at the waiters because:
    a- nobody wants to loose a job that allows them to make a meager dollar from bad tippers (sorry, you probably didn’t tip that greatly)
    b- they can go to jail for beating a “foreign tourist”
    c- they don’t usually get their hands dirty with people they despise
    d- maybe your G2 handlers were your own waiters.
    e- maybe you didn’t get drunk enough to be beaten and left naked in the middle of a Havana alley.
    12- Question, wouldn’t if have been more interesting for you to make a movie about the real problems in Cuba? About the balseros, about a Cuban returning to Cuba to help a somebody to leave? About a Cuba returning to Cuba to swap identities with his brother for him to escape? About the people who made those incredible trucks and taxis seaworthy to come to the US? About the vets who fought in Africa and who now are mendicants on the streets? No, you have to do a movie about a New Yorker who was well off and depressed and who has to go to Cuba to get laid and for whom getting laid was so important that prevents him from taking his own life.
    Why not make a movie about a Cuban who came to the US on a raft and is back in Cuba looking for somebody or something to complete his identity?
    I know why Mr. Moro, because that’s not Hollywoodesque enough. Maybe Hollywood is not Heaven, after all, give it a thought. And again, I hope I am mistaken and that you hate cagastro deeply and that your movie is really about the horrible life of Cubans living in the floating Gulag of the Caribbean.

  15. I want to share with y’all what happened to Spike Lee when he visited Cuba as an arrogant member of the American “delegation” (yes they used that commie appelative) to attend one of the movie festivals in Havana.

    I still lived in Cuba at the time, and the rumor mill in Havana was very charged with this story:

    Spike Lee was staying in the Havana Riviera, and he came late to the hotel from a big bang blast the fuck off party.

    The guard yelled at him: Hey NEGRO! whaddafuck are you doing here yo’NEGRO! Get the hell out! NEGRO JINETERO!

    He tried to explain who he was, since the guard(s, the guy had already radioed for support) was (were)a (few)black(s) from Oriente.

    Those guys speak bad Spanish, and no English of course. So Mr Spike Lee started showing off his American passport and screaming in English!

    Hey, the guards yelled back, are you trying to pass as an American, yo’NEGRO JINETERO! WHOSE PASSPORT IS THAT? WHODDAHELL YOU STEAL THAT PASSPORT FROM NEGRO JINETERO?

    So he was beaten to a pulp and TOOK to the POLICE STATION DUNGEONS behind the Hotels Cohiba and Havana Riviera.

    Ironically, a representative of the White American Establishment went to take him out of the dungeon. And a contrite Spike Lee got the fuck off Havana in the next plane.

    He tried on his own skin what’s like to be a Cuban or worse, A BLACK CUBAN in CUBA. I don’t think that Mr. Lee is better because of that, because I haven’t seen any repent in his lefty ways. But I hope he learnt a lesson.

    Mr Moro was luckier, this time around!

  16. Thanks for that info CB, I had no idea, but of course, almost nobody has any idea, because the media isn’t going to let something like that get out. The hypocrisy of the leftards and the media is astounding.

  17. NAUSEA!! I just saw the Love and Suicide clip from Moro’s film!! the red head (Julianne Moore look alike) was very stricking, beautiful shots of the Plaza de la Catredal (tourist square) all nice and clean…Nope, I did not see the Boniato Prison, with their 4×6 cells, I did not see any of the “Ladies in White” or Cuban citizens standing in those eternal,long lines to get their rationed food portion for the month…or people waiting by the fire hydrants for water,to fill up their buckets and carry them to their homes to bathe, clean and cook,I thought the music was like a chant saying..CUBA…Cuba…so where was the REAL CUBA???
    Nope…this is not a movie about Cuba, or the Cuban people; but wait!! just wait and see…I bet in the next year, this movie will be shown at the Sundance Festival!!!
    AY-Ay-Ay-Se me sube la bilirrubina!!

  18. Cuba: Ignoring embargo, Americans film in Cuba

    Both Havana Journal and Babalu mention the an American film which was shot in Cuba thus ignoring the embargo. Babalu’s post, though brief, has generated an impressive response about both the film itself and the embargo it ignored.

  19. Bilirrubina ???? HAHHAHHAHHAHHAHHAHAH
    Now , I dont ven really know what THAT is, but man I remember it being said when I was a kid.
    Another I heard today that made me laugh out loud was “La vida es un tango”

  20. Do this exercise:
    Forget you are Cuban or that you are anti-KaSStro. Just read the synopsis of that flic and relate it to any semblance of professional writing. The whole thing just BLOWS!
    Now, YES it will make it to Sundance cause the fuck just got himself about $10 million worth of publicity by filming in Kuba. Now if the State Department had any COJONES, he would wind up in jail the same way he would?ve, had he broken into Paramount studios and used their sets and gear to film this piece of crap. A LAW WAS BROKEN and that demands at the very least a trial!
    I HAVE written the State Department regarding this and I DEMANDED action, I urge you ALL to do the same.


  22. Carmen :
    Remember this line?
    “Words are flowing out like endeless rain into a paper cup…”
    Well, that endeless rain must WE be so we ca saturate the paper cup that is the world.
    MoroN is not gonna come in within a thousand feet of anyplace that will call him a hack, amateur, piece of shit writer with a GREAT nack for free publicity .. nor he is gonna risk exposing HOW in hell he got permission to film in Kuba (How Much MoroN ?)

  23. Carmen, KC,
    Moro won’t show up around here (maybe he reads this and that’s as close at it comes) because liberals loath the idea of being deconstructed and debated in public. We have offered here a lot different views on his attitude and work, and we have even given him the benefit of the doubt. He could have clung to it and tried to show that his movie was at best slightly anticagastro. What can I say? The man choose not to come forward.
    Taking about breaking laws, he is breaking at least two laws, one is the restriction of traveling, the other one is the intellectual property law, there are no credits to the musicians, for example. I mentioned that before, to no avail from his side of the fence. Then there are many questionable points in that story of going to Cuba and filmed openly, with no problems. If that’s happening in Cuba, well, that means that the state has no control on daily life, as they used to have, so time for a rebellion have come about. I know of movies shot indoors, which can be done without the autorities noticing anything, hard to believe too in a controlling and repressive society, but this is not the case!

  24. Do you think MoroN went to Cuba with one of those newly found “religious” visas the US is granting??? like for the Babalus (no offense to us of course…) Santeros, Pastors for Peace etc…I hear people are traveling to Cuba under those restrictions. I even saw a commercial from a “Cuban” TV station in Miami for people traveling to Cuba due to “RELIGIOUS” reasons….whatever that is!!

  25. Who knows how he got around the law to go. Maybe it was legal for him to go, you can go once every three years with no problem whatsoever. What catches my attention is his interest in breaking the law, you can go for so many reasons and in so many ways and all are legal. Even to take care for a period of 60 days of sick relatives. Actually, there are also people from Cuba who come to receive specialized medical care, as long as it’s paid in full by their families.
    What bothers me is that the guy was interested in breaking the law, and publicly recognizes that he breaks the law, mocking the government with his actions.

  26. BAM, I was considering not to write to you, since you don’t plan to respond.
    This paragraph says it all:
    “I had to laugh reading this, it is by accident I stumbled on this site. How arrogant you think Luis Moro has all this free time to sit around and find these little blogs?”
    The one that sounds arrogant on this one is Mr. Moro, since he is so busy that he doesn’t have the time to “sit around and find these little blogs”.
    I am glad to know that he is such an elevated person. If you and him behaved the same way in Cuba I wouldn’t be surprise that you didn’t get a whole lotta love.
    Now, since you’re his mouthpiece apparent, can you please tell him to low himself to the level of people with real cojones and dignity and come here to talk about his movie? Or should we assume that his movie doesn’t want to touch the reality of the Cuban people?
    Read our postings again, and you will see that I personally gave him the benefit of the doubt, but since he is so high up and untouchable he sends you around to write your piece since he in his arrogance probably considers you a lowly piece of shit. Maybe he is right, after all.

  27. These were the two comments posted earlier by BAM regarding this post. I deleted them before I realized that they should stay in the comments section. To quote Han Solo, “sorry for the mess.”

    Name: BAM
    Email Address:

    Comment #1: 07/22/2005 at 2:55 PM

    To all of these lovely Americans with freedom of speech,

    I was there too. I was at the same table, the same streets, I was there everyday with them. Here’s the facts, just for fun…because people like you….well, your ignorance speaks for itself. By the way, show yourself, your so brave…who are you Roshell Bessette, you started the lie that everyone here jumped on like sheep jumping off a cliff?

    Did we pay for your meal?

    1. We spoke as much Spanish as possible. Even the people who were English only, tried their best. Luis Moro spoke the most.

    2. Luis Moro is not the type to complain about food, I wish he was…he is almost too gracious.

    3. Luis Moro gets on anyone who were to even carelessly utter a negative insult, but no one did. The hotel staff loved him. We were never banned.

    4. We traveled all around Cuba, even going as far as 3 hours outside Havana

    5. This attitude your talking about? We were thrilled to have been in this position. We never once talked about breaking the law. We loved the Cuban people, and the responses we got were beautiful.

    6. So funny you say we were afraid…we were in the middle of the streets interacting with everyone, eating in their homes. It’s in the movie- you’ll see it over and over. So ridiculous. We even shot next to a military base.

    7. We went legally, going thru JFK, returning thru Miami because we received an invitation to screen a previous movie ‘Anne B Real’ at the Havana Film Festival. But of coarse, how would you know that? You weren’t there.

    8. The thing that really is amazing is you can’t be non-judgmental and look at the facts before you respond. No one here saw the movie, no one here has any idea how we felt as we ate, slept, and interacted with the Cuban people. Being that Luis is Cuban, his Cuban accent is impeccable, therefore his experience was even more intense and touching. Seeing his family members, the house he was born, he cried a lot. To see the devastation was horrible. He just wants freedom for Cuba without Castro. Those of you who have been slandering this man, and his movie for portraying the Cuba no one really sees, and bringing much needed added attention to this country should be ashamed.

    This is what happens in life-you’re like the person who reads the headlines-and responds and you weren’t even there. It’s so obvious. You are what’s wrong and what’s great about freedom. Wrong- because you say things without having any clues of the facts, great- because you can.

    Comment #2: 07/22/2005 at 3:20 PM

    By the way,

    I had to laugh reading this, it is by accident I stumbled on this site. How arrogant you think Luis Moro has all this free time to sit around and find these little blogs?

    That’s why he hasn’t responded. Do you see how one person makes something up, then the next, then the next…and then everybody joins in to bash a man no one knows anything about, all you know is the stories you made up. It’s incredible. I feel like I am in the 5th grade again reading all this nonesense.

    So, let me ask all you story tellers- what have YOU done to help the Cuban people lately?

    Any law makers in the house? Any hero’s? Anybody with BALLS to stand up to Castro?

    And all this misspelling of his name, KaSStro bullshit, what a little insider thing?

    You guys are a joke. Get a real job. Don’t be surprised if I don’t respond.

    If you want to get a response from Luis, you could read his book ‘Operation: Freedom For All’ when it comes out this year.

    Thanks for the publicity to a real cause!

  28. Este es bugarron de Luis Moro? Sure sounds like it.

    Sorry that his holiness Luis Moro doesnt have the time to read these “little eentsy weentsy blogs”. Seems to me however, that if he is going to tackle such a controversial subject, and moreover use that subject to promote an agenda, that he should have the cojones to face the criticism and not send some flunky to do his bidding.

    the accusations have been made, Mr. Moro, with eyewitnesses. And questions have been raised as to your motives and dare I say your character. It is you, since you are the one attempting to garner the public’s eye through your “movie” that should face them.

    I doubt you will, as your statement about 100 million and Iraq and cuban being freed by the US changing only one law is illinformed at best, assinine at worst, and it shows cowardice on your part for taking on the easy target and not fidel castro. Who, incidentally, IS the only reason Cuba isnt free.

    And to Mr. Luis moros flunky. Goto the main page of this blog, on the bottom of the side bar theres a Sitemeter with a number on it. That number is some 370 odd thousand. I can assure you, sir, that it is tenfold over those who will see Moro’s film.

    Oh, and I dont charge an entrance fee.

  29. Year F- Counter revolution eats it young over flan at Versailles? No, I don’t think so. More like dines on roasted frog al lado de Malecon.

  30. WELL…WELL…

  31. All I have to say about Mr. Moro is two words,
    Que Asqueroso!
    I can see not knowing better if he was raised over there and that’s all he has seen, but to live here and do this, is really slimy.

  32. —– Original Message —–
    Sent: Saturday, July 23, 2005 6:56 PM
    Subject: whats up

    Saw your response on Babalu and you and Luis are full of shit. When Cuba is free again it will not be because of the punks like you two who went to the lions den offering raw meat.


    Regardless of your ignorance, never has there been more momentum to change Cuba policy than right now. The U.S public overwhelmingly supports free travel to Cuba and even our Congress people realize that Cuba policy is outdated and only hurts the people of Cuba and the U.S. In 2003, majorities of both the House and the Senate took important steps to end the travel ban. There are so many organizations you could vent your hostility to, becoming apart of the solution, not the problem. Sign a petition, write to congressman that oppose the Embargo. I have the name and addresses of these everyday hero’s if you like. Instead of uniting with ONE voice, you’d rather player-hate.

  33. BAM, I deleted your comment. This blog is not a tool for the morally bankrupt to spout pro-castro propaganda. I will not permit you or anyone else to post a link to a petition asking to end the travel ban and embargo while Biscet is still in prison and dissidents keep getting arrested. Where is your (fake) outrage on that issue?

  34. “Everyday hero’s” [sic]: BAM, the everyday “heroes” are not the congressmen who oppose the embargo; the everyday heroes are in Cuba, living with the filth and oppression, with the lack of basic everything to live that you take for granted. They are in prison like Dr. Biscet, or under constant threat of arrest like Martha Beatriz Roque, they crap in platic bags because there is no water pressure, they make “steaks” from plantain peels. All of this is because of of one man: fidel castro. BAM, you are truly a willing thrall to that evil. I pity your soul.

  35. —– Original Message —–
    Sent: Sunday, July 24, 2005 8:28 AM
    Subject: Re: whats up

    Look up the word ignorance before using it in the future. Having a different point of view from yours does not constitute ignorance and neither does having a higher sense of morale values. As for writing those who are influential in policy making, you better believe I am a big part of the writers who has for years endorsed the Cuban embargo as our way of refusing to in any way give any legitimacy to that illegal government and our many contacts probably had a hand in the tougher travel restrictions put in place by the Bush administration during an election year. I will continue to let Washington know how integrity must be practiced when dealing with the Cuban crisis and we must not abandon those in Cuba who strive for their long awaited freedom. And by the way, I also feel that way about China, N. Korea, Vietnam, etc., but I don’t expect a low life like you to understand.

    definition of low life- person of low morale value or of low integrity who would live the life of a person in a land of liberty, yet be indifferent to those who are being held down and oppressed by their own government.

    The United States should eliminate the antiquated, counterproductive embargo. With open borders, the resulting communication, travel, and trade will lend itself to the exchange of information and ideas. Hence, the foundation of Castro’s propaganda machine will collapse, and Castro will find himself without excuses and unable to rile his people against the United States with the same fervor he can now. After almost a half-century of failure, it is time to consider abolishing the embargo and renew hopes of future democracy in Cuba. Can you possibly see this kind of future for the Cuban people? Your statements are asinine in regards to me, it’s like if I were to start judging you based on your words and your way of thinking, your way of living, your personal life. I don’t know you, likewise you don’t know me. The only low-life here sir, is you. Sorry you cannot open your mind to new and different possibilities for freedom for all.

    “Those who deny freedom to others, deserve it not for themselves; and under a just God, can not long retain it.” -Abraham Lincoln

  36. BTW, BAM: your use of a quote by Lincoln to justify the end of the travel ban and embargo (and thus ensuring more money for fidel’s regime and further oppression on the island) is disgusting. You couldn’t begin to understand the context that Lincoln was using in that quote because you are a fervent supporter of the biggest slaveholder in the western hemisphere: fidel castro. Your moral position, which tacitly supports a slave state, is no better than that of the anti-abolitionists in the Old South.

  37. Why can’t you see empowering the Cuban people NOT FIDEL…would give them the strength to fight, and educate and free themselves from the opposition? They are too weak to overthrow anyone, they are starving, they are oppressed. We are both saying that Fidel Castro is an evil horrible monster. We both want the Cuban people empowered, free, and liberated. We want the same thing. You wish to see it the way you do, can you possibly see another position?
    My personal descendant in my family was Richard Stockton, signer of the Decleration of Independence. Including a long line of Republican Congressmen. This is a line that I am proud to continue to fight for the freedom for. Thank God there were strong, brave, men that fought for what you and I have. They had oppressors, they had people calling them names, they were told they were disgusting, they were told they were low-lifes…but they stood stong. They believed in justice and freedom for all, and thank God for men like them.

    The Declaration of Independence of the United States of America; July 4th 1776 (George Wythe; William Whipple; Josiah Bartlett; Thomas Lynch; Benjamin Harrison; William Paca; Samuel Chase; Richard Stockton; Richard Henry Lee; Lewis Morris; Samuel Ada…)

    Stockton, Richard
    Stockton, Richard, 1730?81, political leader in the American Revolution, signer of the Declaration of Independence, b. near Princeton, N.J. A successful lawyer in New Jersey, he tried to find means of reconciliation in the conflict between England and the American colonies. However, after his election (1776) to the Continental Congress he sought independence. Stockton was captured by the British while on an inspection tour, and although he was soon released, the effects of harsh treatment as a prisoner eventually brought about his death.

  38. How can you be so naive? Where do you think the money will go if the embargo is lifted? There is no free market in Cuba; everything is controlled by the state! For Christ’s sake, we have articles posted here and on where people selling black market cheese are arrested and have their goods confiscated! This is the regime you want to prop up with our trade and IMF money? Whether you believe it or not the people will not benefit from what you propose. Didn’t you see the apartheid that castro has insituted in Cuba just by being treated differently, eating differently, than the rest of the people when you were there?

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