An ogre and his “friend” (Updated)

It doesn’t get more foul, mendacious and disgusting than to hear the sorry statement of 78-year-old castro’s, that 11-year-old Elian Gonzalez is his “friend.” The murderous old scumbag has no good intentions for anyone and is wholly incapable of friendship.

But the vile tyrant continues to exploit the child, and probably will to his dying days. Matt May at American Thinker does an impressive analysis of the despicable Janet Reno and her addled, irresponsible and lying logic in returning him to castro for lifelong exploitation. This evil old woman laid the groundwork for castro’s trophy-child whom he now calls ‘friend.’ It is truly sickening.

Read it here.

Update: This entry here, on the same subject, called ‘Kasstro’s Family Values’ is a good read too. Read it here.

4 thoughts on “An ogre and his “friend” <i>(Updated)</i>”

  1. feed-el should assign a new title to himself: “maximum pederast.”

    The Reno mention recalled a bad(?) joke going around in them neo-hippie pres. Zipper Bill days:

    “Know what’s Chelsea Clinton’s real tragedy? That her real father is Janet Reno.”

  2. Sending Elian back to Castro was like something from the pre-US Civil War days of the Dred Scott law, where slaves, even though reaching a non-slave state, could be forcibly repatriated to their former slavery. That Castro, who literally owns the children of Cuba, if I read the Cuban “constitution” correctly gets his way so long and so deeply over the poor people of Cuba is amazing. That he will likely die in bed of old age, and not suffer as so many thousands have is acceptable knowing that divine jsutice is for eternity.
    Poor Elian, whose mother literaly sacrificed her life for sons’s freedom, returned as chattle property to a vile thugocrat is a tragic story, and one I hope we see a good ending to.

  3. What I wonder is – if Elian was sent ‘back to be with his father’ and the dad lives in Cardenas – how come the kid graduated from a school in Matanzas? Is that a commute (on Cuba’s famed public transport, don’t forget) or what?

  4. Mora, Too bad the Father didn’t have the courage to speak the truth when he had the chance. In my opinion, Elian lost his best parent in the Florida Straights. I pray that someday we will hear his adult voice, speaking as a free man. Great post.

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