If it’s free…

..it’s probably worth what you paid for it.

The latest with Cuba’s vaunted free universal healthcare:

Havana on health alert after eight children die

25 Jul 2005 01:45:41 GMT

Source: Reuters

HAVANA, July 24 (Reuters) – Cuban health authorities urged Havana residents on Sunday to take extra hygiene precautions as they investigate the deaths of eight children from an unknown cause.

A government communique said that there had been an increase in digestive and respiratory illnesses reported over the last two weeks in the Cuban capital coinciding with power, cooking gas and water problems, in part caused by Hurricane Dennis, which passed a few miles east of Havana July 8.

The statement said children were particularly susceptible, and in some cases high fever and other complications developed.

“In this context eight deaths among minors have occurred which are being meticulously investigated,” the communique, broadcast during the government’s nightly television newscast, said.

While children die at high rates in developing countries from various diseases, such deaths are rare in Communist Cuba, which takes pride in a relatively well-developed and free health care system

3 thoughts on “If it’s free…”

  1. “Aren’t the embargo and yankee imperialism the culprits? Or maybe Bush himself?”
    Wait and see, those are the questions that are going to be raised by the official Communist party taking heads in Cuba.

  2. No, CB, it was that god-damned mercenary cicl’on!
    I thought fidel had “beaten” it… at least that is what the dictatorship’s own “Granma news rag” claimed in one recent edition…
    Did they lie to us… again…?

  3. Probably food poisoning caused by the power blackouts. The food in the frig goes bad. Anyone who is going to Cuba, bring Immodium.

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