Ever heard the term…

…Christmas in July?

Well, for decades, while the rest of the entire world was celebrating the birth of Christ, getting together with family, wishing for peace on Earth and goodwill toward men, decorating Christmas trees or going to misa de gallo and kids waking up early morning to open their Christmas presents, children and people in Cuba were forbidden to take part in this celebration.

Christmas was illegal.

Another day was celebrated in Cuba. A day where no one worked and kids received presents. Supposedly it was a birthday of sorts. In July. July 26th to be exact. The year of our Lord 1953.

The anniversary of the Moncada barracks attack is what fidel castro allowed his people to celebrate. El 26 de julio. An anniversary of death and the birthday of fidel castro’s terrorist revolution.

New toys and presents for all! A holiday to surpass all holidays! A holiday observed nationwide, celebrating the death of Cuba.

It could have been referred to as Christmas in July, had Christ been allowed into the homes and souls of Cubans. But religion is the enemy of the state and fidel castro made sure he was the only god worshipped on the island. Not even Christ could compete with fidel castro.


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4 thoughts on “Ever heard the term…”

  1. What a horrible miserable substitute for Christmas. As if there were any presents to give. The foul barbudo will have some interesting questions to answer at the pearly gates for this one too.

  2. I hope and pray, when he goes, that Divine Justice includes his being confronted by everyone whose blood he shed…there is no doubt there will be much weeping and gnashing of teeth, on his part, on that day of judgment. Perhaps the last words he hears before being cast into the Pit will be “judge not, lest ye be judged!” God’s will be done.


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  4. Mora- no pearly gates for the beast, he gets a pass straight to hell where there’s a special place waiting for him.

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