From castro’s colony…

…a cartoon that appeared in a Venezuelan newspaper ahead of Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez’s castro-style stacked election tomorrow. The face in the figure is a map of Venezuela, with that striped section representing the part of Guyana’s territory that Venezuela still claims. I take it you can tell what it says.

The cartoon is courtesy of Alek Boyd:

Source: Tal Cual

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  1. As I stated yesterday in my post on Hugo Chavez, it is the U.S. that is responsible for his continuation in power. If it had backed the coup that toppled Chavez two years ago and recognized the de facto government that was installed in its wake, Venezuelans would have been spared the consequences of their own folly and Castro today wouldn’t have the son he always wanted at the head of the world’s third-largest oil reserves. So certain is Castro that this relationship will last that he has suspended the charade of the sugar cane harvest, content to let the country scrape by on handouts from Chavez and the “exile tax” which he imposes on all remittances from abroad. As for the Venezuelan people, I must confess that I cannot feel in the least sorry for them. Cubans, at least, never elected Castro president. Venezuelans did elect Chavez, not once but twice. Even without his Castrophilia, Chavez is a bizarre and deeply troubled man, as comical as Hitler and as dangerous. If the Venezuelan people think they see Bolivar when they look at this mutant of a man, then they deserve exactly what Cubans got when they mistook Castro for Marti.

  2. A rumor in Venezuela is that this December, after the elections of deputies to the National Assembly (which Chavez has made sure will win) a motion will be proposed (and accepted) that (a) the name of country will be changed to the Socialist Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and that (b) a Federation be created between Cuba and Venezuela (Cubazuela? Venecuba?). This is, it is said, the first step to creating the union of Latin American socialist republics (sort of URSS for LA), with Chavez as the first president (if it works out).

  3. Dumb!

    Stop blaming the USA for what happens to those idiots in Venzuela. Its high time the people’s of the South and Central Americas to take personal responsibility for their actions or inactions. The Venezuelan’s have NO ONE to blame for themselves.


  5. Venezuela voted for Chavez? That fiasco, given the stamp of approval by cagastros whore Jimmy Carter?

  6. Yes, the Venezuelans voted for Chavez, just like the Germans voted for Hitler. In fact, they did the Germans one better — they voted for Chavez twice. As for Jimmy Carter, he surely did more for Cubans than any U.S. president since Lyndon Johnson. Johnson offered the U.S. as a refuge for all Cubans escaping Castro’s tyranny, and Carter made good that promise under the worst of circumstances, upholding the best traditions of this country by sanctioning the Freedom Frotilla. In those days, the U.S. Coast Guard rescued Cubans on the high seas and brought them safely to land. Today it serves as Castro’s police force in the Florida Straits, drowning rafters, beating them from the shores and ultimately returning them to Castro’s island hell without the least semblance of due process. Although instituted by Clinton and Reno, this policy has been punctiliously carried out by our “amigo” in the White House, who favors an amnesty for illegal Mexican immigrants but is determined to send every balsero back to Castro. So rather than digs at Jimmy Carter, whose heart is in the right place even if he has water on the brain, the previous poster should castigate George Bush II for continuing an inhuman policy that he could simply stop by saying the word.

  7. Carter could have said there was some fraud and it wouldn’t have made a difference. Democrats have been claiming fraud in the US for 5 years too. The fact is Venezuelan’s voted and they accepted the result with their in-action and with their feet. Where is the general strike? Where is the revolt? All I hear from Venezuelans I meet is … denial. There is denial that anything is catastrophicaly wrong! I hope they are right.

  8. By the way MAT, if the Mariel exodus would not have been allowed and the 125k economic refugees that came here then had had to stay in Cuba, there is a very good chance Castro would not be in power today. I thank Carter for the last 20 years of castro. Mind you, it was great for the USA, as their economic success in the past 25 years proves. But if you continue to allow castro’s dissidents to leave, who is going to pay the price for freedom in cuba? You can’t really do it from here.

  9. So, Cheo, you blame poor Jimmy Carter for forestalling the collapse of Communism in Cuba by admitting the Mariel refugees? Since when can you overthrow a dictator with your feet? The Marielitos wanted out, surely a sentiment we can all sympathize with. They risked their lives to secure the right to flee Castro’s inferno. Their heroism, however, was very limited in scope and not at all altruistic. They would have risked all to be allowed to leave Cuba (and did), but they were not prepared to stay and fight. If they had been compelled to stay, they would have rejoined the inert mass that is content to wait till someone else does the fighting or the dying. In your hubris for Carter you remind me of those leftists who always counter every criticism of Castro with: “What if Batista were still in power?” Hey, Batista is not coming back from the grave, and Carter is never again going to be president. So, forget about Jimmy Carter: Focus your attention on George Bush II, who every month forcibly repatriates more than 200 of our countrymen to your obvious satisfaction. Maybe Bush should deport all Cuban exiles regardless of when they came to this country. Maybe THAT will start the counter-revolution! Line starts to the right.

  10. I don’t understand this fantasy about the anti-Castro Cubans living there being able to overthrow the government. With what? Their hands? Who has the weapons? Who has the power? And who will not hesitate to arrest and imprison anyone who threatens them? The Cubans who get out are “voting with their feet,” and I think it is criminal for our government to send them back if they are brave enough to try to get out. Why don’t all of you who voted for Bush get on his case?!

  11. It takes a unique and special character to jump on an innertube/boat/old car or crash an embassy fence and put everything on the line for an ideal – be it political or economic. It just happens this special “something” (we call them co-jones or brass ones) is the exact same thing required by people to join a mass protest or insurrection against castro when the odds of success are not that great. When I see the ladies in white only number a dozen or so this missing “element” is clearly evident. Everytime one of these special people leaves the island is great for the USA but a tragedy for a free Cuba.

    castro is not going to fall on his own. Lots of regular folks will have to grow some brass ones at some point or nothing is going to change. Just ask the Poles, East Germans, Hungarians, etc., or closer to what will happen in Cuba, the Romanians.

    Just imagine if all the heroic people whose bodies litter the bottom of the Florida straits would have given their lives for a Free Cuba instead. What a waste.

  12. I think Castro rocks. I think Chavez rocks too. So everyone would rather have the old style commies back in power? I like my democracy, but I’m not going to deny them their communist state. Because of majority rules in this country we have an idiot in the white house. So what makes you thing just because a small minority in Cuba agrees with you people that they somehow should control what style of government the country has? I hope Chavez stuffs America’s fat, gluttonous, corrupt, white requests for cheap oil (that we waste like a congressman wastes money on expensive whores) right up our privileged asses.

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