Havana journo plagiarists? Update

Compare and contrast:

A.M. Mora y Leon:

In Cooder’s movie, Ferrer was extremely humble, questioning, open, and exuberant. He was passionate about Cuban music – and dancing, too. He played checkers on the patio. He loved Cuban traditional religion, and in his shabby apartment, he showed his statues of Santa Barbara and other santos to the filmmakers.

Vanessa Bauza, after reading Babalu blog:

Friends and relatives on Sunday described Ferrer as a generous and humble man who loved playing dominoes, dancing and was a devout follower of San Lazaro, one of the most venerated deities in the Afro Cuban pantheon.

Gee what a coincidence. What are the odds that ‘HUMBLE’, BOARD GAMES, DANCING. ‘LOVED’ AND SANTERIA would be used to describe Ferrer, in one paragraph just as I had written in the first hours after Ferrer’s death??? As if that was all to be said about Ferrer? As if my impressions from a movie I saw six years ago, would be curiously the same as her impressions from the same movie, except that now they were what ‘friends and relatives described’? Which ones? While no other obit writer has had the SAME impressions, just her and me? What are the odds of that? iSinverguenza!

I swear to Chango, she needs to do her own work! Not copy off other journalists’ papers! She needs to be fired!

UPDATE: Our good friend Paxety, another journalist, was plagiarized by a different Vanessa in Havana – less than a week earlier! This is getting out of hand. Read it here.

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