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  1. (please dont hit me) just for families, just for families, just for family/humanitarian reasons (please dont hit me)

  2. The problem daniel is that its almost impossible to police that.

    But Ill tell you what, wouldnt it be easier for you and I to work together, just for families, just for families, just for families, to have our families there be able to travel here?

    That’s an option, too, you know.

  3. yeah in a perfect world it would be, but, we all know the beast we’re dealing with, like ive said, why make a bad situation worse, HE wont, so WERE not gonna do it either?? take the higher road.. we know castro wont allow it, but the current restrictions dont make it any easier for cuban AMERICANS, citizens and residents of a free country, were liberty and expression are benchmarks, yet we are told, sorry you cant go there.. i expect it from castro, not here..besides, after i posted that, i thought the better of it (in the spirt of why you posted it) and yes, sexual tourism is a nasty nasty problem for cuba and in other places as well

  4. Of course, every hotel is videotaped in Cuba and all the rooms are bugged. Castro is himself reputed to keep a very large collection of the “comings and goings,” but mostly the “comings” of official guests to the island. We must make sure, when Cuba is free, that those who appear on these tapes are prosecuted for the sexual assault of minors and other crimes committed against public decency. Will this deter future tourists to the island? Who cares. A free Cuba won’t need such tourists.

  5. daniel,

    You just dont get it do you?

    As long as we keep allowing US Dollars into Cuba as they were while there were no travel restrictions, that DREAM of having families from Cuba visit here gets more and more impossible to achieve. For the love of Pete, man. Do you think I want to bar anyone from going anywhere? Do you think its an easy decision to make?

    COJONES MAN! HAY QUE HACER UN SACRIFICIO. Sin hacer el sacrificio, fidel castro or his fucking minions will never be taken down.

    Sheesh man.

  6. Lift the travel restrictions??? We’re in a war against terror and fidel is the biggest terrorist in the Hemisphere! Put a fucken BLOCKADE already!!!!!

    !YA NO MAS!!!

  7. I posted a version of this elsewhere but here it goes again:

    Do you REALLY want a Free Cuba? Really, really?Then:

    1) Do away with the immigration lottery – why should anyone have the right to legally leave the island paradise and leave free healthcare, education, etc. behind? For money? I think not.

    2) Don’t allow a single Cuban refugee into the US — especially if they are being persecuted! Those are the ones you want IN not OUT of the island! Send them all back and announce it to the world. Wet foot, dry foot or no foot, the answer is the same. No.

    3) Prohibit all remitances. Yes, all! This would include all 80+ members of my family (just in case you were wondering). After 46 years all they do is pester my parents for money even knowing they are now retired!

    4) If you are a Cuban that asked for asylum in the USA claiming persecution (100% of us) then you should never be allowed to return to the island (for your own protection). You didn’t lie in your asylum application, did you?

    Put a pressure cooker on a stove and turn on the heat. As long as the little thingy on top chug-chugs and lets out steam nothing happens. Now, seal the little hole and leave the room… ’cause it will explode like a bomb.


    From the comfort of our US homes we are nothing more than spectators to the Cuban drama. We don’t need any more spectators…

  8. From the experience of my dozen or so trips to the island I can tell you that some of the most exploitive tourist I’ve seen were Cubans from Miami.

    Guys in their 60’s with teenagers, that kind od shit.

  9. yes indeed…this guy smeb[the infamous picture comemierda}is such a fucking losser that he has to travel to cuba and buy women in poverty with a fucking audi and some bullshit seafood …I tell you..he can’t get late in the states so he travels to cuba so he could get some gonorrea en el cerebro ..I really hope so.

  10. cheo medalla i like ur plan .
    but that takes people with balls and not everyboy wants to stay an figth …but ur plan sounds good to me.

  11. Cheo Medalla is is 100% correct.

    And that Smeb is the sleaziest kind of sleaze. Did you see the picture where he added graphics to the car? It said “Smeb’s Mobile” and “solamente monto putas”

    What a son of a bitch. I’d love to HIM in the face.

  12. all we are doing by not sacrificing and letting people come and go at will, trade and all that, is to make the final disaster into a disaster without finality. Are we such masochists? I hope not.

  13. So a Cuban who returns is a called sex tourist. What is a Cuban who has never left, but carries on the same activities in his Moskovitch?

    BTW, there was no p4p in the pictorial of smeb.

    However, what’s the difference between a returning Cuban who pays the going street rate of $5 for sex, and a Cuban on the island who pays the same amount?

    Or for that matter, an evil tourist from Europe who pays $30+?

  14. Smeb, the returning Cubano, stated in his post he didn’t pay for sex.

    But, if he did, so what.

    How is it different from a Cubano-Cubana, pay for play sex transaction. A popular daily occurrence on the streets of Havana.

    What I find outrageous is using a 7 year plus story to justify a political point of view, on a reoccuring theme.

    Shave and a Haircut
    Two bits

    I cut my hair at a Cuban-owned barber shop. With the exception of a time frame of about 5 years during my twenties, when I was more concerned with the “look” and what was “in”,[…..]
    [……]Even though I find this particular story heartening, and I applaud la mulatica and those like for their ingenuity and attempts to live with dignity, I know there are assholes like this(WARNING, GRAPHIC IMAGES)]http://worldsexguide.org/guanabo.txt.html
    (Subject: Cuba, Guanabo
    [First of all I’d like to thank the other authors who gave such good
    input on the in and outs of cuba. My boys and me have traveled to cuba
    three times. I just got back from the wonderful city of Guanabo just
    yesterday so my info is very current. This was my second time in
    Guanabo, and I’ll be back again next year. Guanabo is 35 minutes away
    from Habana. Right on the beach, this fifties town offers two disco’s
    and four chicken and beer stands that serve’s up a lot of chica’s……]

    […A world full of johns waiting to go to the big island whorehouse led by the senile pimp.

    Hasta cuando?

    Posted by Val Prieto at 11:52 AM | Comments (6) | TrackBack]

    The world sex guide story was 7 years ago, at least, maybe 8 or 9. With very little relevance with today’s Guanabo.

    Call this guy, and ask him if things are better today, or 9 years ago in go-go days of Guanabo.

    Coalici?n Democr?tica Cubana
    Reinaldo Cosano Al?n
    Calle 486 No.7806 entre 7ma. B y 9na.
    Guanabo. Habana del Este
    Tel?fono 964987

  15. So whats your point, Justiz? that it’s ok to travel to Cuba, whether seven years ago or eight years ago or a week ago and get laid?

    Cause that’s basically what youre saying. Perhaps you have becomed accustomed to this kind of beahavior because of your environment or your society, but some of us do find troublesome. Incredibly troublesome.

    Seems to me you have accepted the fact that some Cuban women are treated as nothing more and nothing less than whores, who despite possibly not charging actual money for sex, do so in order to eat or have a nice place to stay or whatever.

    Oh, and anytime you find one of my articles or blogs posts outrageous, feel free to get the fuck out. Nobody forces you to read anything here.

  16. Justiz,

    And one more thing, the next time you choose one of my pieces to make a particular point, dont be an asshole about it take the thing out of context. Or, perhaps its just that you didnt get the point at all.

  17. Now I know why I’m gonna teach my daughter “one shot-one kill” skills and ensure she will live in a place where she can fully exercise them if she ever runs into this kind of subhuman…God forgive my un-Christian mindset as I write this. Una verg?enza!

  18. Hey Folks,
    When the Cuban Women stop selling it, the men will stop buying it. BTW SMEB is a Cuban. A real deal born and raised Cuban.. How many of you are ?

  19. ranger si el es un verdadero cubano como lo soy yo no fuera tan descarao y hiciera esos papelazosy bajesas de poco hombre.
    como buen cubano real como tu dices el es primero que debiera de darse a respetar y respetar a los demas ..dime tu que clase de cubano va a cuba a singar ni?as que algunas son menores de edad y despues ponen las fotos por el internet de platos de langostas cuando hay cubanos que nunca la han visto ni en foto so comemierda.dime que clase de cubano se acoje a la ley de ajuste cubano para despues ir y alla y pasearse como un bufon en un carrito de mierda europero.dime que clase de cubano es el porque para mi es un hijo de puta y un singao ..que clase de poco hombre que se vanagloria en la pobreza y el sufrir de su pueblo ….go figure…y despues seguro protesta si no lo dejan ir a cuba a ver a su familia como hay muchos aqui mentirosos e hipocritas ..regaladores de doilares al barbudo …familia rigth ..singador de ni?as.
    si quieres singar putas en este pais hay muchas y mayores de edad ..me das asco btw smeb …van a cuba con el pretexto de ver a su familia cuando en realidad van a revolcarse en el fango de la lujuria mientras un pueblo llora por su libertad.

  20. Tocororo, te la comiste! Y si, Ranger Rick, tengo el placer, honor, y privilegio de haber nacido en La Habana, Cuba. Y fui ense?ado desde muy ni?o a respetar a las mujeres y las ni?as. A mucha honra.

  21. What I dont understand is not that some men will take advantage of women; some things have always been with us and always will be–if it werent Cuba then this would happen somewhere else; but that these morons are doing this sort of thing in a police state. This is not a what happens in Cancun stays in Cancun situation; if you are someone in a position to help the regime you can be damned sure that all of your little escapades with underaged girls (or boys or sheep or whatever) have been videotaped and photographed from the best angles possible. And then, when you get back to your respectable capitalist existence, you can expect a short and reasonable phone call asking you to help advance the cause of Cuban socialism in some way, or your wife, your boss, and whoever else they can think of are going to know what you did in Cuba that week. There is a point in a man’s life, I think, when it is not unreasonable for people to hope that he has stopped thinking with his dick, if you’ll please pardon my French. These guys do not seem to have reached that point.

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