15 thoughts on “Watching you, watching me.”

  1. What a fabulous pair… of eyes… and what a terrific gift these shirts make!
    Everyone should have some of these tremendous… t-shirts in their wardrobe (I own a few, myself)!
    So come on, folks, order some and help out Val, the man truly *in the forefront* of the battle of ideas.
    End of commercial. Cue the music. Thank you very much…

  2. I’ve seen several pictures of Val’s shirts and, I must say, this picture … well, uh … gee … hmmm … yes, indeed.

  3. Those are THE MOST
    beautiful,big,attractive,captivating,sensual….EYE’S I have ever seen!

    Wish my wife’s EYE’S were just like those!


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