Cuban Cooking on TV!

From the DSL challenged Val comes this message:

Three Guys from Miami Cook Cuban on Public Television: Saturday, August 20.

WPBT in Miami will repeat our cooking show, “Three Guys From Miami Cook Cuban,” on Saturday, August 20 at 3:00 PM. We originally performed the show live as part of the Pledge Drive at Miami Channel 2. We did three hours of cooking — unrehearsed and unscripted!

This is the first step in our plan to create a one-hour cooking show that will be produced at WPBT and run nationally on public television. If you didn’t get a chance to see us live, now is your chance to see our repeat performance. Look for us in the documentary, “La Cocina Cubana — Secretos de mi Abuela” (The Cuban Kitchen — Secrets from my Grandmother), which airs immediately following our program.

6 thoughts on “Cuban Cooking on TV!”

  1. Having just returned from the excellent local Cuban restaraunt, ‘Cafe Piquet’, I can only say that I hope that Cuban food becomes very popular. Especially where Cubans are not getting enough to eat, thanks to a certain geriatric depsot.

  2. Perhaps. Certainly on a future visit we could meet someplace, perhaps even the Cafe Piquet. You likely come to Houston more frequently than I go to the Miami area. Please feel free to let me know if you are coming to our fair city. We in Texas value hospitality very highly.

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