ManCamp Power RESTORED!!!

Power just came back on. Wait till I tell you guys the story. Right now we’re closing up the house, slamming the a/c on to arctic freeze, going out for some breakfast and then returning to what will be a nice, cool home.

My thoughts and prayers go towrads those up in Katrina’s path up north. A Cat 1 was pretty bad. I cant even begin to imagine what life would be like after a Cat 5.

Ward, if you read this, batten down man. Stay safe.

8 thoughts on “ManCamp Power RESTORED!!!”

  1. That’s my man over there!!!!
    I am very glad that you’re back on!
    One can be destroyed, but never vanquished.
    Come back like a phoenix.
    That’s our nature, Val!

  2. Welcom back to the First World, Val! Glad to hear you and the rest of the gang is OK.

    Did you enjoy your simulated trip to Cuba? The simulation is still very crude… We’ll have to implement rationing cards, CDRs, and policias Orientales for the next release…

  3. No electricty restored at the Moneo household yet; going on 72 hours as of 5:45 PM tonight. Sleeping in the heat is miserable. I can describe the feeling but this is a family blog. I feel for our brothers and sisters in Cuba who go through this as a normal way of life.

    Please pray for the people of New Orleans. As of 10 AM CDT, Katrina had maximum sustained winds of 175 MPH and it was heading stright into that old city. Camille and Andrew redux.

  4. Glad to hear you got your power back Val.

    Hang in there George.

    This could be pretty close to “the big one” for New Orleans, let’s pray the worst spares them and the rest of the Gulf coast.

  5. Welcome back Val. God help New Orleans. I heard on TV that parts of the city being lower than sea level may stay flooded for over six months. And what about all our oil facilities in the Gulf?

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