Edinboro University: Masters Programs in Useful Idiocy

I dont know where to even begin criticizing the following complete stupidity. I mean, even the best fiction and comedy writers in the world couldnt make this stuff up:

Adding injury to insult: Bush administration lies by omission about offer of medical help from Cuba

By Luciana Bohne
Online Journal Contributing Writer

September 5, 2005?Last Friday, a grateful US State Department officially thanked the countries whose governments had offered help in relieving the distress on the Gulf Coast caused by hurricane Katrina.

Cuba was not on the list.

A sorrowful Fidel Castro, reporting to the people on Saturday, minutely traced the evidence that documented the official trail left by their offer made shortly after 11:32 on the morning of 30 August, when President Castro asked Exterior Minister Felipe Rodriguez to issue an immediate communique to the US Special Interests Section in Havana and through the equivalent Cuban office in Washington, promising medical support for the US victims of a hurricane the tail end of which had already hit Cuba, raising sea levels that battered the island’s northern coast, leaving behind punishing torrential rains, while slamming its rage against the Florida coast. In the aftermath of this ordeal, when the hurricane was reaching category 5, Cuba thought of her threatened northern neighbors and offered instant help?as it had done on 9/11, an offer firmly but politely refused.

On this occasion, however, there was not even the politeness of an acknowledgment. Result? Cuba’s embarrassment before the world, which had come to expect and witness its people’s unfailing and prompt commitment, to anyone, anywhere, regardless of ideology or diplomatic tiffs.

A smear by omission.

Worse: a theft of vital resources to the people of the Gulf Coast.

At 12:45 of the same day, 30 August, Cuba’s offer was explicitly delivered to the appropriate sources?verbally and in writing.

This means that the people of New Orleans were denied assistance from trained and experienced doctors, arriving in their own helicopters, requiring no landing space to speak of, fully supplied with medicines, veterans of treating patients in stressed locations?jungles and swamps, hurricane-assaulted or war-torn sites, in poverty-choked environments?as early as Friday, August 30, when our president was planning to play the guitar, and our Secretary of Defense was planning to see a play and buy shoes in New York!

And all because our leaders decided that a dispute about ideology was more important than the lives of human beings!

After the State Department’s rude ommission of Cuba’s name from the list of aid responders, Havana was besieged with puzzled, surprised messages from all over the world, wondering why Cuba, which sends medical brigades to the toughest, most dangerous, most remote places in the world, had not offered to help the people of the United States, an hour away from their shores.

Perhaps because of his Jesuitical education; perhaps because of having to live up to the ethics of the revolution, which places people before profits; perhaps because of natural tendency, Fidel Castro is one among the most punctiliously courteous leaders in the world. His people follow suit. You cannot visit a place where Americans are safer or more respectfully and appreciatively treated than Cuba.

“I extend with this offer,” sid the Cuban statesman, “the good will of our people, the feelings of friendship that we have always harbored toward the American people, proven during these 46 years, one of the few countries in the world where no American flag has ever been burned, where not one American citizen is ever [intentionally] insulted. We are grateful to a people who made possible the return of our child [Elian Gonzalez], who increasingly support the insistence that justice be done to our unjustly imprisoned citizens [the Cuban Five in US prisons]. We trust the American people and are sure that a day will come when we will be bound by ties not only for the purpose of helping each other but by those that will unite us in helping others.” [1]

Nor is Cuba’s offer a piffle.

As of 3 September [Granma International, 4 September], the offer is reiterated:

“In less than 36 hours, 1,100 doctors with 26.4 tons of medical supplies and diagnostic resources could be ministering to people most urgently in need of assistance [in New Orleans and elsewhere].

“We have been so loyal to the idea of not seeking publicity that three days have passed and nothing is known about our disposition to help. The whole world is saying, ‘I offered this, I offered that, I offered 50,000 dollars, I offered whatever.’ We offered lives?saving 10, 100, 500, 1,000 lives?we offered measures that might save tens of thousands of people, anything that might spare the world this sad spectacle of misery that it is watching . . . Are they going to refuse our offer? Because of the things that have happened between our two governments? I think that it might be useful for the world and a good example, not only on our part but also on theirs, because this catastrophe may be repeated.

“Today, some American experts are saying that another hurricane may unleash a force greater than Katrina’s within a month or two. Thus our gesture is a sincere gesture made in peace; it seeks no publicity; it asks for nothing?not that the blockade be lifted or anything like that. We never place conditions on anyone. We send the kind of support we have available and can afford; we don’t have a great amount of financial resources. We cover all the costs?of transportation, of fuel. [Our volunteers] are not going to make declarations or seek publicity; let this be very clear.”

But the people of the United States are not allowed to hear of this offer (thank you, “liberal” media) and are not offered the opportunity to accept or decline.

Wouldn’t you say such behavior shows a radical lack of responsibility toward those suffering in the stricken Gulf states?

Oh, how I wish my government spoke with anything approaching the official kindness of the Cuban government’s?and meant it. Oh, how I wish that FEMA, Homeland Security, State Department and all the institutions set up to serve American people in distress followed the cables from New Orleans as minutely and with such evident concern and solidarity as this.

Oh, how I yearn to hear more reassuring words than orders to shoot to kill. I’m so tired of hatred, of reaction to the worst impulses in human nature?of plans to attack, to destroy, to run in pursuit to the ends of the world of real and imagined “evildoers,” when so many of our good, ordinary people could be helped instead. How I long to live in a country restored to the sanity of expecting the best rather than the worst in human nature?of nurturing, of educating us to an ethics of self-sacrifice, of being for others. How I yearn to hear the boast that for every looter we have to kill that 10,000 people are fed, medicated, swaddled in clean clothes.

I’m so tired of my government’s endless pursuit of the lowest moral common denominator in human nature.

I’m so tired. There’s got to be a better way, an alternative to living in a place where force, violence, dominance are the answers to everything.

I’m so tired of feeling ashamed, helpless, disconnected, powerless, being spoken for by this inhuman lot of marauders and racketeers?by the corporate-appointed president of my United States and his gang of hypocrites and thieves.

I’m so tired.

And, oh, how I wish that my government would engage in the kind of publicity-seeking efforts, of which Cuba is accused, which might relieve human suffering by sending 1,100 doctors, free of charge, anywhere in the world?no strings attached. Come to think of it, I would be happy if such doctors were sent to my county, where 30 cents of every dollar go for defense, 19 cents toward servicing the debt (mainly for military spending), and 20 cents for health, only 3 cents for veterans’ benefits, 0.4 cents for job training, and 4 cents for education; where each household paid $2,649 in federal income tax in 2004, one third of that on national security, which allocates 91% to the military, 5 percent to Homeland Security, and a measly 3 percent to preventive measures.

It might even get me to vote Republican! Why not?

I could die for living in a place that showed it cared for people! It would be worth it?to be made to feel human; to be made to feel a part of humanity; to be made to feel that I did not live for myself alone!

Yes, it would be worth it, because then, with my last breath, I would know that I had lived a significant life in a place where the call came to serve humanity, not to use and abuse it.

1. This and all subsequent English quotations from Fidel Castro’s speech to the nation in Spanish are my translations.

Luciana Bohne teaches film and literature at Edinboro University of Pennsylvania. She can be reached at lbohne@edinboro.edu

What a complete and total mockery of reality. And this person is a professor at a university for crissakes.

Alas, I fear that with “professors” like these shaping the minds of our young, our society is DOOMED.

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  1. After seeing this at TheRealCuba.com I sent Lefty Luciana a strong message questioning her sanity and motivation. Have nor heard anything back from her yet!

  2. Anyone wishing to send “Lefty” a message:

    She describes herself as “progressive”. Why has the left managed to portray themselves using this word, when in fact their ideas are the total opposite of progress?
    pro?gres?sive (prə-grĕs’ĭv)
    Moving forward; advancing.
    Proceeding in steps; continuing steadily by increments: progressive change.
    Promoting or favoring progress toward better conditions or new policies, ideas, or methods: a progressive politician; progressive business leadership.

  3. Education: B.A., NYU; M.A., Edinboro University of Pennsylvania.

    Areas of Interest: Film Theory, Criticism and Adaptation, World Literature, Feminist Theory and Women’s Studies

    I think that says it all.

  4. You said it Julio, the arms of the Miami Mafia are long. I read that Mel Martinez is on the list for the Supreme Court. Oh how I would love that! Imagine the hearings.

  5. Do you want to hear something even funnier?
    She signs her e-mails with this:

    “During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.”
    –George Orwell

    Can you believe that shit?

  6. val yo no nunca pense que cuando saliera de cuba me uba a encontrar con tantos cumunistas adoradores de fidel en EUA .
    Es increible la magnitud de comemierdas que viven en este pais adorando un sistema tan represivo como el de fidel .
    Claro ganando 50 mil o mas dolares al a?o asi es muy facil ser cumnista.En la abundamcia toda esta partia de idiotas se pueden proclamar cuministas
    No se porque estos grinngos guatacacones de fidel comen tanto mojon si a ellos no pueden vivir sin carro ,sin un aire acondicionado .
    Tienen que tener un papel para secarse las manos ,otro papel para limpiarse los mocos,otro para la cocina ahh y el mas delicado para limpiarse el culo y tiene que ser ultra soft asi no se lastiman sus culitos mimados…Que gusto me daria ver a mis a estos cabrones en medio de un potrero cagando en una letrina llena de cucharachas y con un papel de cartucho o una tuza de maiz en la mano seguro se ponen a llorar como unas yeguas y se le quita lo de cumunista…no saben que la palabra cumunista quiere decir muerete de hambre /no protestes y pasa trabajo

  7. Val,
    It’s atrocious, laughable at best. Tococoro said it well:
    “…no saben que la palabra cumunista quiere decir muerete de hambre /no protestes y pasa trabajo”
    There are Leftist lunatics all over the world, and most of them are extremely privileged or sheltered. It amazes me the audacity with which the academaniacs can slap the faces of so many people who have suffered under the regime of Fidel Castro.

  8. “Edinboro” University? Is this a joke? What it is, of course, is an outrageous ripoff of the University of Edinburgh, in Scotland; the kind of thing that could only fool the orthographically-challenged, which is to say, their core constituency. What is next? “Uxford” University? The “Soborn”?

  9. By all means let us admit Castro’s medical legionnaires, all 1100 of them; and then, let’s see what Ms. Bohne has to say when the 1100 defect en masse. Better a hospital orderly here than a doctor in Cuba.

  10. Hold me back!!
    1,100 doctors with 26.4 tons of medicine??? is that right???
    how in the hell does Castro get that much medicine to donate to the US, when his own people are dying of hepatitis? and other infections from lack of antibiotics?? Thousands of people are dying in Cuba due to NO medical care, medicine or medical supply and Castro is offering us HIS help???
    Ok…now if that is not an insult to our Cuban American intelligence I don’t know what is!!
    The HIJO DE PUTA was probably trying to send us a bunch of Dr Frankesteins with Anthrax developed in his diabolical labs in Havana…
    Now that is my story and I am sticking to it!!

  11. Esta comu?angara no vale mas la pena. Here’s something worth talking about: MARLINS 4 NATIONALS 2 BOTTOM OF THE 9TH. 1 out and 1 on board….

  12. I just sent that cominanga an email calling her a MORALLY REPUGNANT PIG!!

    Now, Julio…Marlins suck!! Atlanta Braves are NO UNO !!! wink…wink….

  13. Why do the comments of this professor surprise you? This is the kind of propaganda that Marifea Perez-Stable and her comrades at FIU (Lisandro Perez, Uva Carijo de Aragan, etc.) have been saying for decades. Look no further that Miami. Speaking of FIU, I heard that president “Mitch” Maidique settled his third divorce by buying his Colombian ex wife (an FIU professor twenty years younger than he) a $4 million home in Coco Plum. Her sons were throwing some wild parties in Maidique’s home during his absence. Anybody remember them?

  14. Sound the trumpets: a new word is about to be born on Babal?blog. The word defines a socialist camp follower (usually female) who indulges in unrealistic fantasies about how it would be like to live in a totalitarian state (in this case, Castro’s), but who, somehow, can never manage to escape her capitalist “prison” (in this case, Edinboro). Such a woman now, henceforth and forever is to be known as a “CAG-HAG.”

  15. Bet if a certain Reich was still in business in a certain central Uro-Peein’ country, the good perverse-perfesseress of pseudo-intellectual puffery would sing its praises for offering to send Dr. Mengele to help Katrina victims…

    PS: If we teach our kids properly, so they learn to take anything stated by college perfessers with a gigantic grain of Salt-of-Skepticism, I respectfully do not agree that we are doomed.

    cc: to the perfesseress

  16. I couldn’t stomach reading the whole thing, but this stuck out:

    >>”And, oh, how I wish that my government would engage in the kind of publicity-seeking efforts, of which Cuba is accused, which might relieve human suffering by sending 1,100 doctors, free of charge, anywhere in the world?no strings attached.”

    Duh. Our government doesn’t send doctors (nor should it) because private organizations take care of that. All the time…without the hot air publicity. And I’m sure the USS Abraham Lincoln and the USS Bonhomme Richard didn’t send a bill to Banda Aceh for the relief work (including medical assistance) they did after the tsunami.

    What a blithering fool this woman is!!

  17. The U.S. government can request physicians to volunteer to help, but it cannot compel them because this is a democracy where every man is free to decide for himself the course of his own life. In Cuba, the dictator disposes of his subjects as he sees fit. He sells, rents or loans them according to his political agenda.

  18. Perhaps the cag-hag can convince the venerable Edinboro University to award an honoris causa to Fidel Castro. He can hang his degree besides those he has received from Lubumba University and Kim-Il-Sung University.

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