Mil medicos

One of the events I was just itching to write about this past week was fidel castro’s offer to send 1,100 doctors and 25 tons – yes! 25 TONS – of medical supplies to assist in the hurricane ravaged area.

Now, if you’re a Cuban exile or Cuban-American you know just what a complete farce this is. Most of us who have family still living in Cuba get requests for such simple things as aspirins. When Cubans are unfortunate enough to need to be hospitalized, they have to bring their own bed pans and bed sheets.

So where would all of these medical supplies come from? They certainly arent coming from the supplies for the average Cuban. If castro does in fact have 25 tons of medical supplies readily available, then it must be those saved for the elite. The medical supplies that are saved for the tourist. If I were a Cuban living on the island I would be pissed, to say the least. Having to hear over and over how great the free universal healthcare is in Cuba knowing full well that supplies for Cubans are non-existent at best. And then we have el lider maximo offering up 25 tons of them to the enemy.

Talk about a rooster crowing!

And the 1,100 medical doctors. Seriously, how many of you truly believe that fidel castro would allow 1,100 of his prized slaves to leave for the United States?

Do you know what 1,100 doctors from Cuba in the states really means?

1,100 defections.

I truly hope someone in the State Department or someone in charge of coordinating relief for the Katrina victims would take up castro’s offer.

Im willing to bet not a single doctor would make it to the US. fidel castro just cant afford to lose them.

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  1. i dunno man, like i said below, damned if you do, damned if you dont.. i dont think ANY aid should be refused, then again, castro has refused aid the us has offered after hurricanes there.. ive always been of the opinion the us should take the “higher road” in their approach to fidel.. if the us refuses, fidel can turn and say ‘look, they cut their nose to spite the face” (again, just because fidel does it doesnt mean WE should do it also).. if we accept, fidel can say ‘you see, by accepting it is tacit approval of our glorious medical system’… that being said, i dont think we can deride the TRAINING, the medical education, they have received.. i do feel these doctors, when found in a situation with the tools needed to put into practice what they have learned, could be very helpful.. i dont know if 1,100 will defect, but you can be sure more than a handful will decide to defect.. its gonna be interesting to see how this one plays out

  2. Our answer to a request like this should be “Your people need them more, Moco Andante. Give them to your people.”

  3. When I first read this in the news, I didn’t think of 1100 defections. I thought – wow, there will be “doctors” here trying to indoctrinate the poor with communist propaganda. Look at the “doctors” Venezuela is getting from Cuba…

  4. Fidel Castro is such a media whore. If the Leftist, Castro-apologetic American media were not so willing to play along with Castro, instead of breathlessly publicizing Castro’s offer over and over again [CNN constantly repeats it], they would ask, why is it that Castro treats “his” doctors as if they were slaves to be used at his whim? Why is it that these doctors are sent all over the world and that they can’t contract for themselves? These doctors are contracted by the Cuban government to work in foreign countries and they are not paid directly. Their salaries go to Castro and they are paid from that salary a tiny stipend that is barely enough for them to survive.

    This is the question that the pro-Castro leftist media should be asking instead of repeating Castro’s offer over and over again.

  5. What’s up Val: Don’t have a lot of time… and hopefully Conductor won’t kill me for not posting on our site first.

    Pero quero decir: Nice job Val on the money raising! TU te la comistes too and don’t forget that!

    Bueno, I too saw Fidel on BBC World and man did I have a laugh. 1100 doctors and 25 tons of medicine, and yet with all this medicinal wealth why must Pastor’s for Peace regularly come over with medical aid for Cuban Citizens -blaiming the US Embargo round trip? This is just another example of how fidel is full of shit.

    Ray said it best: fidel is a media whore.

    dude: if you want anything from the holy land… let me know…

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