Steve On Real Clear Politics!

Our good friend Steve H. at Hog on Ice has just gotten the HUGE honor of having one of his brilliant hurricane essays (and there were a lot of them) featured on Real Clear Politics, the daily showcase for the best of the best in daily American journalism. Only the best writers in journalism, the pros, people who can write like Krauthammer or Steyn, and an occasional blogger, are chosen each day for a link. They’ve got to be good, both in facts and in writing – doing work that makes an impact – to get a link on Real Clear. It’s a Web site that’s read by the most powerful people in the world. It’s the world’s Front Page.

Steve’s up there today with Tom Friedman and Larry Kudlow and David Ignatius and Jeffrey Toobin and Fred Barnes and Pat Buchanan this morning – writers for the New Yorker and the Wall Street Journal and those kinds of papers.

Steve just did it! CONGRATULATIONS, STEVE!!!!!

4 thoughts on “Steve On Real Clear Politics!”

  1. Ms. Mora is giving me way too much credit. If it hadn’t been for her, no one at RCP would know I exist!

    Thanks so much for helping me get the attention! I won’t forget it.

  2. …and one day, when he’s anchoring a news show, or hosting his own “The Hog Factor” on FoxNews, we’ll be in front of our plasmas, tears in eyes, sighing, and saying with pride, “we knew Steve when…”

    (I sent that link to everyone I know the day you you published it. It is the most spot-on analysis I have read yet. I’ll want your autograph at half-price next time I see ya.)

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