Message from Humberto Fontova (UPDATED)

Just got this via email:

I live in Covington, 24 miles north of New Orleans. Parents and a sister and family
live in Metairie, adjacent to New Orleans. The Louisiana Fontova’s (17 of us)evacuated
to my brothers (very large, thank god) home in Houston for the storm. Shirley, the “kids” and I are
back now, but our house was demoslished along with most of our property. Three massive pine trees
landing on it did a very thorough job. So some Fontova’s are refugees again.

Big deal. We’re good at that. Did it once before in 1961. We’re camping out at my sister’s house
that somehow escaped major damage. Rest of family still in Houston. No power down here.
But we’re eating well using propane burner on all the game & Fish we salvaged from freezer. This may be a crisis were my family, friends and I GAIN weight! . Sending this message from a borrowed computer at wife’s work
(Bank) right now.

many thanks for the kind thoughts
Humberto Fontova

UPDATE: Humberto writes:

you Babalu people are great. Thanks for caring. We’ll definitely meet y’all at the Miami Book Festival if not sooner.

The Fontova family

11 thoughts on “Message from Humberto Fontova (UPDATED)”

  1. No one has done more to expose Castro’s house of cards than Humberto Fontova. If a Castro santero shifted the hurricane to New Orleans, it was surely to get him. Glad that you and yours are O.K., and I hope your books and papers are salvagable. In any case, it’s your mind that is a Cuban national treasure.

  2. Humberto,

    Glad that you and your family are well! I’m, also, a hugh fan of yours! I love your biting sarcasm and how you always cut through all of the crap and regularly expose the pro-Castro apologists for what they are: complete idiots!

    All of the best. I hope that your documents and books are salvageable!


  3. Oye I hear you, my own porch went through some serious shaking. Glad to hear you are well, keep up the blogging, and con suerte maybe we can see each other in New Orleans. Once they get the waters out.

    Luckily, Katrina had mercy on us, have a good friend in slidell who is not so well. My prayers are with you

  4. I’m so glad you’re safe, Humberto!

    Covington, eh? I once wrote a letter to Walker Percy with the grandly detailed address ‘Walker Percy, Covington Louisiana’ and I’m not kidding, it got there and he wrote me back. I hope his house made it, it’s historic.

    But regardless of that, you’re safe, you’ll be writing again, we miss you, and we want you back!!!

  5. Damn, sorry ’bout the house but more glad you & the family are ok.

    Would’ve sucked if the trees had fallen on you. I mean, no more books?!?

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