Now it’s the Miami Cubans’ fault

Of course, it was only a matter of time:

…New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin told Winfrey that politics played a role in the delayed government response.

“If this had happened in Miami, L.A. or Chicago, we’d have had everything we needed,” he said…

That’s right, Mayor Nagin, the Bush administration has to keep us right wing, extremist Cubans in Miami happy. The tragedy unfolding in your state couldnt possibly be a total disregard for evacuation procedures by your self and your Democratic Governor, now could it? And obviously you have washed your hands of the whole situation being as you have time to appear on Oprah.

This whole thing just gets more and more ridiculous by the minute.

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  1. Don’t you know that Cuban-Americans are always blamed for everything? We are the liberals’ favorite bogeyman, and to a degree they are right: we are their worst enemy and proved it when we elected George Bush president. This is our great unforgivable sin, and if we were hated before as “gusanos” now we are positively despised. It won’t be long now before we are accused of being responsible for the government’s rejection of Castro’s 1100 doctors and imaginary medical supplies.

    Louisiana’s tragedy is that Huey Long or someone of his mettle isn’t governor. In his day, Huey Long used to tell FDR what to do. The quality of local leadership always determines how quickly a community can recover from catastrophic disasters.
    Right now, Mayor Nagin and Governor Blanco are fighting with each other on whether New Orleans should be completely evacuated or not. Nagin issues an order to evacuate and Blanco rescinds it. The New Orleans police, who failed miserably in this crisis, are now going from house to house in areas unaffected by the hurricane evicting citizens from their homes for no imaginable reason except to turn the whole city into a ghost town.

    As for Oprah Winfrey, rather than stirring the coals of racism, why doesn’t she just write a check: a fraction of her fortune could have New Orleans back on its feet.

  2. Nagin and Blanco are simply attempting to cobble together post-storm spin to cover their Demo-culos
    and deflect attention from their obvious (obvious to normal people, in any case) and monumental incompetence.

    Spent too much time trying to jury-rig “trade deals” with your friend feed-el, Ms. Blanco, eh? Guess that was enough to sap her limited attention span to what was about to hit her in the backyard.

    As for mayor Nagin, to paraphrase the opening song to the “Mr. Ed” show, “a loser’s a loser, of course, of course (and a horse’s ass too)”

  3. It always is, isn’t it? My most fervent hope is that the “hearings” prove (the obvious to me) criminal negligence on the part of Nagin and Blanco and they get put where they belong: Angola Prison. I hate whiners and and I hate post-disaster finger-pointers.

  4. Alberto, I loved that about covering their Demo-culos!!! Nagin, Blanco AND Pelosi make me sick every time they pop up on the TV whining and blaming etc. This blame game will backfire on the Democrats because Americans are smarter than that.

  5. People tend to forget that the response after Andrew wasn’t stellar; emergency supplies took days to come. In fact, one could argue it was a nail in the coffin for Bush senior in the 1992 elections.

    If we were flooded, it would have been another New Orleans.

    In an emergency, nothing is good enough. People’s tempers flare. It’s understandable. Not everyone could get out of Nola, even if they had evacuated everyone on buses – they might have even been stuck in gridlock with a hurricane bearing down on them. People in public office have to make swift decisions; in retrospect, maybe the mayor shouldn’t have sent everyone into the superdome — but what recourse did he have? load up buses and send them out to hours and hours of traffic, potentially creating a more hazardous situation?

    All I’m saying is that the mudslinging sucks. I believe everyone is doing their sincere best. Yes, some agencies could be doing better – FEMA shouldn’t have waited 5 hours after the storm to call for volunteers from DHS… crap like that. Unfortunately, those less fortunate think they’re treated like animals because they’re less fortunate…when if the exact same flooding and devastation occured anywhere else, the same thing would have happened.

    The emergency help took too long to get there after the levee broke. period. DHS and FEMA had a serious disconnect with what was going on, and they were slow. I will cut them some slack though, seeing as this disaster is the hugest undertaking our country has ever had to do and hopefully will never have to do again. You’re never going to get EVERYONE out of a city. Never in a million years. There are *still* people in Nola who don’t want to leave, for crying out loud.

    There are criticisms to be made at all levels of government, and that happens in every disaster. Let’s not forget Mississippi, either; they’ve been forgotten and some of them have the same complaints as the people of Nola…except they’re not people of color, so I don’t think it’s gotten much attention as people crying racism. I just wish people would stop blaming the color of their skin (though people of color usually get the short end of the stick, I don’t think this is the case here).

    Sorry, I just had to vent.


  6. In contrast to his inability to evacuate folks in his town, our “banana republic” officials here in Miami know how to evacuate people from the barrier islands using “buses”. Can you say “buses?”

    When Floyd was off our coast as a cat-5, we had all the buses out on the beach and got everyone out and into shelters.

    Hell, even Mexico when they have a storm, they have their people go to soccer stadiums, but at least even they stock the stadiums with enough food and water for 10 days.

  7. Adela,

    Ill be the first to agree that the FEMA response could have been quicker. However, the problems we are facing in the aftermath have more to do with the local lack of preparation than anything else.

    If theres a plan, then it must be followed. And especially ina city like New Orleans, where it is below sea level. Any reasonable person with an ounce of common sense, when seeing the radar images of a category 5 hurricane bearing down upon them, would understand the devastating effect it would have on said city. The reason there was no mandatory evacuation is simple: politics.

  8. Guys…I am so burned out with Katrina, (as KC mentioned even her name is Russian)more bad news with the victims and the devastation.
    yesterday Oprah Winfrey with asshole Jessee Jackson (blows my mind they still call him Reverend!) the political partisan game of Dems blaming the Reps is absolutely disgusting to watch, seems we can’t get away from it!! More on evil Bush and the Feds, the racial card being played in times of tragedy is disgusting….ethnic cleansing is coming to America if we are not careful!! This is like Music to Castro’s ears and all the American hating liberal pigs!!
    Anything going on in Miami with El dia de la Caridad del Cobre???
    Happy news anyone???

  9. Mel Martinez isn’t off limits is he? He wants Cuban doctors here. As I stated on another thread. He is another useful idiot. Make sure we criticize our won when it is due!

  10. pototo,

    I havent read a report stating that Mel wants cuban doctors here, but perhaps he is just calling fidel’s bluff.

    I’m really starting to think that the US accepting the offer wouldnt be a bad thing. How many excuses for not sending doctors do you think Alarcon and fidel could come up with?

  11. Mel Martinez was quoted in today’s Herald as saying that we should accept Cuba’s offer.

    I don’t see the harm in this either. We have nothing to lose, and Cuba is risking losing quite a few doctors.

  12. Plus it would show the Cuban doctors all that they’re lacking back in kagaSStroficolandia. That oughta make an impression on the ones who chose to return home after the “mission” ended.

  13. I agree wholeheartedly with Sen. Mel Mart?nez and wonder how a Cuban-American politician became such an adept practitioner of real politik. Yes, by all means welcome the 1100 Cuban medical legionnaires (though don’t accept the tons of Cuban medical supplies). Then New Orleans can deal with two refugee crises — those wanting to stay for good in the city (the Cuban doctors) and those wanting to evacuate (everybody else). Compared to Havana, New Orleans is only in the initial stages of deterioration. The only difference is that one was devastated by a natural disaster and the other by an unnatural disaster.

    What New Orleans really needs is not Cuban doctors, but Cuban fix-it men: those geniuses who with string, bottle caps and saliva have kept ancient cars, refrigerators and fans churning for decades after their warranties expired. 1100 of these men would soon have New Orleans back on its feet and it wouldn’t cost a dime: everything they would need is already floating in the water.

  14. Martinez: Cuban aid should be welcomed
    Sen. Mel Martinez said he was ‘grateful’ for Cuba’s offer to send doctors to assist in the Katrina relief effort, though the Bush administration has not responded to the offer.
    Florida Republican Sen. Mel Martinez said Wednesday that the U.S. government should accept Cuba’s offer to send hundreds of doctors to treat victims of Hurricane Katrina, provided they are needed and “reasonably well-trained.”
    Lets call a spade a spade!

  15. What? Mart?nez said he was “grateful” for the offer of 1100 Cuban doctors. “Grateful” to whom? Castro? Now, that’s a little too much. It’s one thing to play real politik, quite another to play the pantsy. Mel needs to be briefed by Humberto Fontova, for, obviously, he has lost the pulse of his community; I am almost inclined to say his sanity.

  16. As long as this is being used as a racial “wedge” issue, the Dems will continue to lose voters. Let them keep it up.

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