Making a fool of himself (Updated)

castro’s nasty little pinheaded automaton, Ricardo Alarcon, hears the echoes on the walls as the UN assembly hall empties out as he speaks. EFE reports:

Cuba denounces U.N. summit declaration

United Nations, Sep 16 (EFE). Cuba said Friday that the final declaration set to be adopted by a U.N. summit is an “unpardonable fraud” imposed by those “who imagine themselves the owners of the planet.” That rhetorical volley was launched by the speaker of Cuba’s rubber-stamp parliament, Ricardo Alarcon, in an address to representatives of the body’s 191 member-states on the final day of a conclave coinciding with the 60th anniversary of the United Nations.

Cuba and Venezuela, whose leftist leader is a friend and ally of Fidel Castro, were the only countries to oppose the document adopted by the General Assembly, which will be signed at the conclusion of a summit that drew a record 151 national leaders to U.N. headquarters in New York.

Thursday, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez offered his own criticism of the declaration on both substantive and procedural grounds. He said the adoption of the text violated U.N. procedures, as it was approved by consensus rather than a vote after long and difficult talks that included only 30 nations.

“Before us is an unpardonable fraud,” Alarcon said Friday, contending that the ostensible business of the summit – reviewing progress toward the Millennium Development Goals set in 2000 – had been pushed aside.

“The purpose of this meeting was hijacked amid tortuous manipulation. Those who imagine themselves the owners of the planet do not even want to recall those promises that were proclaimed with hypocritical fanfare,” the Cuban said.
“Even worse, those countries are trying to impose an alleged reform of the U.N. that seeks only to totally dominate the organization and convert it to an instrument of their global dictatorship,” Alarcon added in a clear allusion to Washington, the traditional bogeyman of Castro’s regime.

Those same nations, the Cuban official continued, “are trying to make war and hegemonism norms that the entire world must accept without rebelling.” “Along the way, with the help of a docile choir, they shatter the (U.N.) charter, want to reduce the Secretariat to a servile tool, insult the (General) Assembly and the world it represents,” he said.

Without mentioning the United States by name, Alarcon blasted governments for mounting a “dishonest opposition to terrorism” that leads them to “massacre entire populations and deliver thousands of young Americans to their deaths.”

“While the powerful pretend not to believe it, poor peoples have a right to development and will continue struggling for it,” the Cuban said, touting the Bolivarian Alternative for the Americas, a Venezuelan-backed initiative, as the appropriate response for the region’s developing countries.

“Despite the (U.S. economic) embargo, the harassment and the threats, the Bolivarian Alternative for the Americas arises, an example of solidarity which gives hope back to many and heralds that other, better world that we will know how to secure,” Alarcon said.
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Update: Nobody signed on to these castro-Chavez proposal.

Update II: Kofi Annan, of all people, has had it up to here with the lunatic ravings of Chavez and those of his sponsor, none other than castro, as seen in this very speech here, above, actually calling the both of them ‘saboteurs.’ Kofi’s asked Chavez to step into his office for a talking-to. Too bad he hasn’t done the same with Alarcon. Would be nice if he could put him in a room with one of their Belgian peacekeepers fresh from the fun in the Congo and looking for additional action.

Read it here.

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  1. A minor point: Chavez’s speach was greeted with the loudest applause of ANY other leader (source: Yahoo news, Washington Post). Bush did not receive one applause during his speech. Annan, was referring to the US as “a disgrace” when he was talking about the setbacks to disarmament, the environment and development the US pushed for and got.

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