castro’s child prisoners

Many people know that during the 1970s, those bleak years when Jimmy Carter’s weakness encouraged communism’s march all over the world, castro launched a string of imperial invasions of African countries, collaborating with local tinpots, and sending his soldiers in. It happened in Tanzania, in Ethiopia, in Congo, in Angola, and others states.

But very few (and that includes me) know that castro took young Africans from these imperialized countries back to Cuba against their will, for years and years, robbing them of years of their lives. castro housed them on the Isle of Youth, in one of his ‘social’ programs. In reality, these young Africans were prisoners. They longed to be Marielito boat people but could not escape.

Today, their story is being told. A new film called Unhealing Wounds has been released. Our friend EthioPundit has intelligent and riveting commentary on the matter here.

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