Sin esperanza – without hope

With all due respect ans sympathies to those that lost it all during hurricane Katrina, Id like to remind everyone that not all is lost. While certainly a few dire days lie ahead for many, they live with the fact that they will rebuild. That their lives will improve sooner rather than later. There is hope.

But imagine living in a country where you have nothing, own nothing, can say nothing and are nothing. Absolutely nothing. With no hope. Nada.

That is life in Cuba. Where there is no hope and no future.

Please take a moment to read “Havana – Welcome Tourist” at Cooking Fire, where a contributor traveled to Cuba with idealism and returned with a more than painful realism.

Welcome, Tourist.

The above picture is one I took during a little more than a week I spent in Cuba. I arrived with giddy enthusiasm of someone breaking the rules, striking off on an adventure. By the end, I had lost all interest in the beaches, finding good food, even taking pictures of the place. In all, I think I took five pictures.

You simply must read the whole thing.

Hat Tip to Sylvie in Miami.

3 thoughts on “Sin esperanza – without hope”

  1. The writer summarized all the reasons why I could not go back to “visit” this poor, unfortunate country – there would be anger, sadness, depression, helplessness; just to know I could experience what these unfortunate slaves cannot, and visit places one could still visit-as a Cuban, not a tourist-even in the early “revolutionary” days-it would be too much. Thank God for the good memories and feelings which kagaSStroffe cannot take away.

    Who would ever have believed Cubans would someday be barred from their own country, while yet being forced to live there according to the dictums of the regime? I don’t know if Satan himself could come up with such a diabolical way of “life.”

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