Slow boat from China?

And the check’s in the mail as well!!!

Medical student programme in Cuba under scrutiny

September 18, 2005, 15:30

The 15 Mpumalanga student doctors in Cuba could be the last group doing medical studies in the Caribbean. The Mpumalanga Health Department is investigating the possibility of enrolling future medical students at local universities to cut costs. The Department spends over R30 000 per annum for each student studying in Cuba.

Medical students on a study break say much of their medical equipment, that the Cuban government are suppose to supply, have to be supplied by the provincial government. These items are hard to find in Cuba.

The provision of those things is suppose to done by the Cubans. Every time we ask about them they tell us they are on the boat from China this would go on for months,” Bongile Mabilane, a student doctor.

This situation has forced the provincial government to reconsider the whole programme. “The actual decision not to proceed with the programme still has to be taken. We really have to deal the economics of the whole programme to arrive at a decision at the right,” Phogisho Pasha, the MEC for Health in Mpumalanga.

The decision by the Mpumalanga government will not affect other provinces making use of the Cuba deal, as every province decide for themselves.

From SABC News via Luis G.

1 thought on “Slow boat <i>from</i> China?”

  1. Wow, Val! We think alike – I was just going to post this! It’s so darn vivid! Here are my additional comments:

    South Africa is unimpressed by castro’s medical school factories. These castro institutions actually cost more to the South African government than training locally. One wonders who’s benefiting from these ‘schools’ and one does not have to look far – castro is the one benefiting! These supposedly benevolent programs to ‘do good’ in the world are actually money-making operations for the sleazy Cuban dictator.

    What’s more, there’s a big problem with the quality of medical instruction – the African students being taught there cannot get books! Some medical school!

    It’s worse than that, though – African medical students are dying in high numbers in castro’s ‘institutions.’ That’s pretty damning. Why send students to such a hellish place to learn medicine?

    Common sense and a wise use of resources is prevailing over in South Africa.

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