So you wanna go to Cuba, eh?

Pack light.

Customs seizes 80 pounds of goods from Miami resident

CIENFUEGOS, Cuba, September 19 (Luis Miguel Gonz?lez Leyva, Jagua Press / – Customs officials at the Jaime Gonz?lez Airport in Cienfuegos last week seized 80 pounds of goods from a Miami resident and fined her. Marisolina Hern?ndez, who lives in Miami, brought 150 pounds of goods, including clothing, medicine and eye glasses, for friends and relatives in Cuba. “Great was my surprise, pain and indignation when the functionaries broke open my packages and told me that I had violated the law, as the limit is 68 pounds per passenger plus an additional 20 pounds on which duty has to be paid in dollars,” she said. “They acted like savage animals.”

Well, those 26 tons of medicines fidel offered the katrina victims have to come from somewhere now, dont they?

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  1. I’m sure those customs officials paid a lot of money for those jobs, just so they could get their hands on some consumer goods.

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