Congress to Vote on July Arrests in Cuba

Cuban-American blogger and Washington D.C. correspondent Sirimba has the latest on a House resolution condemning the July arrests of opposition members in Cuba who participated in anti-government demonstrations. The resolution is up for consideration today.

Also check out her post on Miami and Cuban-American Congressman Lincoln Diaz-Balart possibly becoming the next Chairman of the Rules Committee in the wake of Congressman Tom DeLay’s indictment and resignation as House Majority Leader.

Please make sure to visit Sirimba’s blog, it is well-written, informative, and full of anti-castro goodies, all from her Washington D.C. angle and perspective.

4 thoughts on “Congress to Vote on July Arrests in Cuba”

    Now showing: “Kill Hillary.”
    In 1999 President Bill Clinton gave clemency to Puerto Rican Machetero terrorists in U.S. jails and they returned to the island.
    This afternoon, Senator Hillary Clinton cancelled her upcoming trip to Puerto Rico because the Macheteros have vowed revenge for the death of their leader during a recent shootout with the FBI.
    Hillary had even planned on meeting with separatist leaders, but suddenly cancelled her plans. She now fears that they might kill her during the meeting or while visiting the island.
    Cria cuervos y te sacan los ojos.

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