The Cuban doctors who can’t come

castro has made a lot of noisy racket about his bid to ship 1586 unneeded doctors to our country in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. But he left out one little thing: he’s witholding exit papers for ONE HUNDRED SEVENTY ONE Cuban doctors who’ve GOT travel papers to the U.S. and aren’t allowed out of his detested, oppressive dictatorship. These doctors’ papers are all in order, there’s a treaty in place to allow their departure, and castro promised to let them out.

He’s reneged. Miami Herald reports today:

More than 500 potential migrants awarded one of the 20,000 entry visas the U.S. grants each year haven’t been allowed out. Among them: 171 doctors.

Given castro’s insistence on sending his 1586 doctors, it’s quite astonishing that he won’t allow these 171 out. He claims his motives are humanitarian, given this Katrina business but that sure as heck doesn’t extend to letting these Cuban doctors out to help the victims. Only his hand-picked teams of spies and subversives are on the short list to go make trouble in New Orleans.

Clowns like Jesse Jackson and Governor Blanco don’t get this. They think President Bush’s efforts to keep castro’s 1586 subversive troublemakers out is proof of Bush’s “meanness” and to “black people.” It’s all a load of hooey.

The fact is, 171 doctors are ready and waiting to get out of Cuba and castro, lying about his promises, just isn’t going to let them. Any more than he intends to let Dr. Hilda Molina out to visit her grandchildren. Or Doctor Oscar Biscet out of his brutal dungeon. castro is very particular about who he lets out of the country.

Miami Herald has this full item buried at the bottom of this very good story here.