Wanting it both ways

Who could we be talking about but castro?

In a deliciously ironic piece, Prensa Latina, the barbudo house organ, whines like a slapped bowser about the ‘costs’ of the U.S. trade embargo, which they claim is a blockade.

The link is here.

The castroites write (italics) and my reply follows in bold block print:

Blockade of Cuba Takes Its Toll

Who’s blocking? Where’s the battleship? Who didn’t let Europe and Canada in?

Havana, Oct 4 (Prensa Latina) US irrigation machines for the winter sowing season in Cuba must be manufactured in a third country to avoid penalizations or fines to the producer.

So get a third country. How about Brazil – their machinery and engineering are first class. Or how about France? Maybe there’s a reason they don’t want to sell to you? Like not paying your bills? How many potential trade partners have you burned by the way, barbudo? Let’s face it, it’s a lot. Uncle Sam is all you’ve got left.

Equipment was not readied for this agricultural period, resulting in a considerable loss of production, also harassed by a drought.

Gee a miracle of socialist planning. Sure would like them planning for me! /sarcasm

The extraterritorial character of the US blockade against Cuba, legalized with the approval of Torricelli act in 1992, illustrates the US government?s determination to impede any commercial link of the island with the world.

Did I read the word ‘commercial’? COMMERCIAL? As in ‘capitalist’? Quick call the block committee, someone’s not thinking correctly! I thought castro hated capitalism! Keeping castro separate from commercial capitalists is something that should be seen as a favor!

It is known that the US Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) has more officials investigating trade ties with the Island commercial than tracing Al Qaeda?s financial operations.

I don’t think this is true but if it is, I’m smiling. It’s what I want.

Blockade-caused affectations of Cuban foreign trade in 2004 reached 822.6 million dollars, exceeding by 52.2 million last year?s figure.

You mean last year you lost a billion dollars somehow and it’s oh so easy to all of a sudden blame the blockade. Like you always do for any failure. Last time I looked, the embargo was the same embargo that was in place last year. And the year before, and the year before. Where’d you put the missing billion, fidel? It’s not the ‘blockade.’

This harassment disrupts foreign investors and businessmen that want to negotiate with the island, forcing them to juggle restrictions.

The dreaded capitalists! fidel you’re forgetting: you don’t like the dreaded foreign investors and business capitalists. Last time you got a good look at one, you confiscated everything he owned in the name of ‘the people.’ Now you’re upset the capitalists have been disrupted by the ‘blockade’?

Other suppliers of US accessories and machines had to import from third countries, with corresponding cost increases.

Then buy Brazilian, stupid. Farm machinery is made by capitalists, earning sky-high profits – do you really want to be part of that, fidel old chump?

In the first quarter of 2005, Cuba was deprived from a donation consisting of three electrical plants to reduce help with its energy problems, since they were from the US and could not guarantee their maintenance.

But fidel! You told us you were self-sufficient and didn’t need immoral yanqui products of capitalism! What happened, ol’ two-way?

The impossibility of access to US markets, the most natural for Cuba, has forced the island to disrupt imports and exports, with resulting increases in insurances and transportation.

You opted for that fidel when you confiscated U.S. properties in 1959-1960, prompting the embargo. That was YOUR choice, fidel. You said you’d be self-sufficient and trade elsewhere. So go do it.

In addition, in the limited purchase of food in some US states there have been economic effects of 23.7 million dollars.

Have you not been paying your bills, fidel? Food is freely tradeable, fidel. Except if you don’t pay.

Cuba has to pay in advance and in cash for every shipment from US territory and each transaction must abide to a previous official licence.

fidel! Credit is a capitalist instrument! You don’t do credit, remember? You stiffed your bondholders, ran out on your tab and then tried to get your neighbors to do it too. Nobody followed. Pay up and get what you want. But you must pay. That’s what happens when you consort with capitalists – which you are whining you want to do.

There’s no free lunch, fidel. You can’t have it both ways.

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  1. By blockade I guess he’s referring to all the US warships that keep sinking other ships trying to bring goods into Cuba.

    Oh, that isn’t happening? I guess he’s talking about something else then.

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