Another Cubanism

Thought Id take a break from the politics and offer you all a quick, non-verbal Cubanism.

Back before the oh so heralded advances in Cuba’s Healthcare, the Cuban woman invented the cure for baby hiccups. Yes, that’s right, you read correctly, the cure for hiccups is a Cubanism. Of sorts.

Here it is:

Gently place hiccuping baby down on crib or hold hiccuping baby delicately in arms. With your free hand, gently pull a piece of string from your baby’s teddy or from his blanky. Take the small piece of string and lick it, applying a generous amount of Mommy saliva. Then take the string and paste it in a circular pattern on the hiccuping babies forehead.

The hiccups are now cured a lo Cubano.

11 thoughts on “Another Cubanism”

  1. As a father of a Cuban-American infant, I can honestly say that the string on the forehead doesn’t work.

    Don’t try to convince my wife of that, however.

  2. sorry- I assumed he wasn’t because of the “father of a cuban-american baby” comment-

    but you came to the right conclusion!

  3. Thanks for clarifying that, Val. Although if you want to get technical, I was born in the US but made with Cuban parts. 😉 My wife WAS actually born in Cuba, and I still don’t think it works, but don’t tell that to the abuelos

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