Friday PSA

We interrupt regular Babal? blogging to bring you this public service announcement:

Since I have issues with the terms “Latino” or “Hispanic” and since some folks take exception to us hyphenated Americans, I wish to now be referred to as a CubAmerican.

Thank you. That is all. We now return you to our regularly scheduled fidel bashing….

11 thoughts on “Friday PSA”

  1. Why do you dis-like the terms Latino and Hispanic? I don’t say anything when I am called a Gringo,(and worse), and I know what that term means. My youngest son is half american and half Tico, (Costa Rican), making him a Grin-Tico. Everyone is something, Tito, be proud of the what that you are.

  2. If you become a pipe-player would that make you a PiperCubAmerican? That might fly! As for me, “CeltoIbericRomano-Gallic-SuebiVisigothicVandalMixedBreedMuttCubAmerican” will do, thank you. I’m not his – or hers – panic either.

    We should all wear our genes proudly.

  3. The Federal government has been creating all these ethnic definitions since the 1970 census.
    They keep modifying the names according to their statistical results.
    I have identified myself as a Cuban Exile since 1961. That seemed to bother a leftist professor, who kept referring to me as an “expatriate,” but I corrected him every time.

  4. Life around the B-sphere

    While I feel like I’m on hold, waiting for the new job to start (a week from Monday), it seems like everyone else’s life keeps chugging along…. Val makes a pronouncement on his “official” ethnic designation Joanie continues to heal…

  5. If you want to be clumsy about it, I consider myself to be a native American. My ancestors were from Germany, Norway and Sweden – but since I was born here none of that makes the slightest amount of difference to me. So let’s simplify and just say I’m an American.

    I mean no offense but I have a difficult time taking anybody seriously (in the American nation sense) when they insist on calling themselves a something-hyphen-American. I can’t help but think of them as a tourist. People who call themselves something like “Cuban-American” (or any other variation) strike me as somebody who doesn’t consider themselves to be American, doesn’t want to be American, and intends going to wherever when the choice becomes a choice.

    Sorry, but when it comes to making national decisions I have a tough time taking people like that seriously.

  6. Jay sounds like a nativist. You can take the Cuban out of the patria, but you can’t take the patria out of the Cuban.

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