Good French people UPDATED

In fact, stop the presses….


As I write this, the French are protesting castro at the Cuban embassy in Paris. castro’s name is really starting to stink, even in Western Europe. This is the second event in ONE WEEK that is aimed at the Beast of Havana. Ooh, and it’s to protest that really creepy Felipe Perez Roque guy who was last seen busily trawling for suckers in Canada. It’s beginning to change my opinion of these Western Europeans. Obviously, the Czechs have always had a clue. But this week there were the Germans joining them, and now there are the French, so these Europeans aren’t all freedom-cursing losers forever hung up on Iraq – some of them have taken one good look at barbudo, faced the horrific facts, and are now saying ‘iYA NO MAS!’

Let’s hope they can keep the momentum going.

Go take a look at what’s going on in Paris right now right here:

Protest targets Cuban minister’s visit to France

Paris, Oct 9 (EFE).- Protesters staged a demonstration Sunday outside the Cuban Embassy in Paris against the visit of the island’s foreign minister to France.

The protest by about 40 people took place while Cuban Foreign Minister Felipe Perez Roque was inside the embassy, a spokesman for the Collectif Solidarite, which organized the protest, told EFE.

The group said it staged the demonstration to draw attention to the Cuban government’s “flagrant and constant violations of all the liberties, torture and mistreatment of prisoners of conscience” in the island.

The group, which is also critical of Venezuela’s government, a close ally of Cuba, has been organizing weekly protests outside the Cuban Embassy in Paris for the past two years.

Collectif Solidarite has called on Havana to release all political prisoners.

During his visit to Paris, Perez Roque plans to meet with his French counterpart, Philippe Douste-Blazy. EFE jgb/hv

UPDATE: American Thinker has a great essay on the growing number of Good French People there are in France these days. It’s well worth reading here.

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  1. Mein Gott in himmel! There’s hope! Europeans are actually…THINKING and smelling the kagaSStro BS…and going “aghhhh!”

    I can’t help but think that the good work you and the other blogger brothers are doing spreading the truth, making it impossible for rational, normal people to ignore it, and speaking truth to power is having a very powerful and positive effect, not only on the Europeans, but closer to home as well. That’s why the left has been shrieking so vehemently at you and the rest of our bloggerbund lately. Just as demons do when they’re about to be exorcised out of the possessed. Babalu power! Y al izquierdista que no quiera caldo, 3 TAZAS.

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