6 thoughts on “Happy Columbus Day!”

  1. Upon his arrival in Cuban waters, Colon’s ships would get rammed by Cuban gunboats and sunk where’s he’d see the bottom of the sea with the remains of the thosands who have drowned at the hands of Castro including those of the the 13 de Marzo and the 41 dead.

  2. Columbus was a killer also, so why are we saying happy columbus day? the masses of people he killed weren’t happy

  3. So “New to this” does that make Fidel’s murders of innocent people justified? I see no logic in your statement. It appears to be nothing more than typical dialectic argument which is used by marxist/leninists. EG, Typical response from a marxist/leninist to criticism of Fidel Castro’s treatment of political prisoners, is the baseless response such as, “The United States also has political prisoners and mistreats minorities.” I think your missing the boat there pally.

  4. Val:
    Can Cuba’s architecural tresures be restored once the barbudo and his camarilla are gone? I’ll be unsurprised when reports come out that barbudo barbarico(tm) despoiled the land and left behind a lot of toxic dumps around the island?


  5. When it comes to economy, everywhere you let people interact in freedom, capitalism will flourish and good things will happen.

    Pair that with the amazing Cuban specie and GREAT things will happen. 😉

    The rule of law, however, must prevail to achieve the desired results.

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