Hey, fidel, MEDIC!!!! MEDIC!!!

Thousands are reportedly dead in Pakistan after this weekend’s earthquake and I’m wondering, where’s fidel with his medical brigade? Surely, the Pakistanis could use his indentured servant doctors.

Yet as of today, no offer to send Cuban medical personnel to the earthquake ravaged area has been made by the castro regime.

Por que sera? Granma doesnt even make mention of Pakistan in today’s online edition.

What are ya scared of, fidelito?

15 thoughts on “Hey, fidel, MEDIC!!!! MEDIC!!!”

  1. Val – that is a profoundly good post. Why no castro doctors? The simple reason is: there’s no political gain for castro, that’s all there is to it. castro never sends doctors anywhere out of the goodness of his heart, he sends them solely for some political gain. castro doesn’t want to take over Pakistan. El Salvador is very much a different story and El Salvador knows it!

  2. I guess we screwed it up for the Pakistanis when we said no to the cagastro Ambulance Service. Wonder how long it will take them to blame the Infidels for everything….

  3. I wonder why castro only offered 500 doctors to Guatemala? I mean, he had 1586 handy. Why not offer all 1586, who, after all, are WAITING at the airport? Where’d the missing 1086 go, fidel?

  4. Gee, I wonder, could it be because it’s not about humanitarian aid, but political gain? I don’t think the Pakistanis want an infidel like castro meddling in their affairs.

  5. Jeez, I actually hit that link. What a putrid pond of scum! Is everything the fault of the U.S. or is that site for U.S. Commies?

  6. Hahahahaha! That’s a great post! As A.M. Mora y Leon says, there is no political gain for Castro to send doctors to Pakistan! And you know that they need those doctors far more than the wealthiest country in the world, the USA, needed them during Katrina! So much for the “great humanitarian!” By the way, bet that the Castroite parrots in the media that made such a fuss over the refusal of the USA to accept Castro’s doctors won’t be writing any editorials about why Castro, the “humanitarian”, isn’t sending any doctors to Pakistan!

  7. Will the lefties have the stomach to charge kaSStro with Paki-bashing? On the other hand, I think the Pakistanis are wary of receiving medical “care” from the swiftly “trained” Kubanski medical “teams.” In other words, even if de minimus offered his doctors, it would probably be a case of “thanks, but no thanks.” kagaSStro may be afraid of international embarassment at such a potential turn-down. It would speak volumes.

    Government warning: receiving medical care from Cuba-trained doctors may be hazardous to your health.

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