Who me? Tyrant? What tyrant?

castro, tyrant? Like me, a tyrant? Where’d you get that idea? What tyrant? Show me the tyrant? Tyrant? Anybody see a lost tyrant? I can’t find him…

Let’s go confiscate some land.

This actual newspaper item must be read to be believed. Read the whole thing here.

2 thoughts on “Who me? Tyrant? What tyrant?”

  1. “Private property is not sacred; it has to be in harmony with public needs.”

    What Chavez REALLY means is that he has no respect for private property…

    Ozzie Guillen of the Chisox was quoted as saying that he likes Chavez… I have one answer.. Go Angels!

  2. Ozzie tends to open his mouth before he engages his brain. Deep down I don’t think he likes Chavez – the bastard probably threatened to kidnap his mother. I liked when Ozzie said that ‘practically no one in Venezuela likes Chavez.’ Ozzie pops off a lot but tells the truth.

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