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  1. I hope when people read this particular blog they dig in a do some soul searching. As wealthy as this nation is we still struggle with racism and poverty that is almost impossible to escape with out monetary means.

  2. Huh? What does your statement have to do with the post, other than exposing your bleeding heart for all to see?

  3. An additional comment to the above. This nation has spent multiple trillions of dollars over the last 4 decades on “eradicating” poverty. As a taxpayer who has funded part of that largesse, I have absolutely no guilt about, nor do I “struggle” with, poverty. Please, preach to someone else, not to me. I have had it with liberal-enforced “compassion” and “caring.”

  4. george, why are you taking this so personally? You must have a guilty concious. First, I was not attacking you personally because I do not know you, nor do I know how much you have donated in the past. second, you must not give your all to this world if you felt you had to to take a stab at me. I take it you must be a republican? you all are the same just look out for your self. Just because you pay taxes it doesn’t mean that you are contributing. at least not as much as you can.

  5. New to this…..I think you got the wrong idea of who we are in this blog…. There is lots of people here with very tough skin, that will not put up with insults to our intellect or intelligence!
    You sound like an “idealist” that needs a good “reality” check!
    George….don’t waste your time…..this is another “hijacker” trying to use the same old song from that same old broken record we are all so very familiar with….
    Thank GOD we live in a democratic society where we can all agree to disagree in civilized terms….

  6. First of all, “new,” your comment was off-topic; that’s a no-no. Since you are “new to this” I thought I’d let you know. My post was intended to satirize Ted Kennedy — not difficult to do since he is walking-talking joke of a human being.

    Second, I didn’t take your comment personally at all. You misunderstood my point. I was countering your crocodile tears statement about how we have to do “soul searching” about “poverty” and “racism.” That’s all. If you feel you need to give more as a result of your “soul searching,” then do so, by all means. I have no problem with you or anybody else using their hard-earned dollars however they see fit.

    Just don’t tell me what to do with mine, or try to sell me a sob story about “poverty” and “racism,” ’cause I ain’t buyin’ it. We’ve transferred over $5 trillion — maybe more — since Lyndon Johnson’s ‘Great Society’ programs began to wipe out poverty. It didn’t. And more trillions won’t either.

    (BTW, loved the “republican” reference. I hope you didn’t break your crayons writing that one…)

  7. Carmen, do you usually talk for others. You probably do not even contribute either, I mean besides your taxes. the only reason you give your taxes is because it is an obligation, but if it wasn’t how much would you donate to the needy, and how much time have you given to help them in your life Carmen, I am not attacking you, just curious. Like cubans say no te metas en lo que no te importa. my spelling in spanish is not that good, so here it is in english. Mind your business Carmen. I am sure George can take care of him self. he has proven it on this site.

  8. george, Your a good writer, and you get your pointe across clearly. I know you weren’t trying to tell people were to place there money, but i wasn’t either. maybe we just misread each other. I find waht you write interesting, even though I might not agree all the time. I was just saying despite the trillions we set aside for poverty, we have to do something from within. ( compassion, and caring.) sometime the go further than money does.

  9. New, Carmen is free to comment on the post and your comments. You can’t tell her to mind her own business. That is not good blogosphere etiquette. As long as the discussion does not become “propaganda” for fidel, anything pretty much goes in the comments section.

  10. TO: NEW TO THIS,The poor should get assistance to acquire better education, training in marketable skills, etc so in a reasonable time they can get a JOB!!!!!!. The poor should not get NEVER ENDING social security checks, increased child support payment while continuing having babies, subsidized housing, food stamps and other hand outs. If there is no reason to get a JOB many will not get a JOB. Yes I am a REPUBLICAN, I WORK, PAY TAXES and I am very satisfied with what I DECIDE TO CONTRIBUTE. I you have a problem with this GIVE MORE OF YOUR MONEY AND STOP SPENDING MINE!!!!!

  11. New, when I was down-and-out, no money, no place to live other than my car, no food to eat other than white rice, no one’s compassion or caring or something from within got me on my feet – I got out there and found a well-to-do person who hired me to do a job. I brought myself up by diligence – not someone else’s caring.

    When folks discuss women’s rights, why don’t they ever include a woman’s right to breathe?

  12. new to this,

    Ill have you know that these readers you are taking to task raised over $10,000 in donations for Katrina Relief. Out of 18.9 million blogs, Babalu was 14th in total donations.

    And let me state one more thing, even if its off topic. My parents came here with absolutely nothing. The government gave us pocket money and a kit with spam and cheese. Then, my father worked his ASS off at three jobs while my mother worked two. You keep talking about poverty, and I open up any newspaper in the country and it is full of classified ads with plenty of jobs. In this country, if you want to succeed, you will succeed. The only thing holding you back is your own determination and willingness to bust your ass.

    If it is my responsibility to help pay for some woman’s 6 kids, where was her responsibility to me when she was conceiving them?

  13. Cubans when they arrived here came with NOTHING. Now I have heard they are the most successful per capita immigrant group in history. I believe in donating to causes for a common good, i.e. medical causes such as fighting Cancer and heart diseases, among others and helping those that are truly incapable of helping themselves. However, the socialist mind believes that the state can better handle money than the individual. That the individual is helpless and powerless. So called Cuban exiles were on the lowest rung of society when they got here, at least financially. They are living proof that ANYONE can succeed here.

  14. Guys, you are taking this to personal. And yes I agree that public assistance should only be for the needy not the greedy and only until they get going again ( And I don’t mean ten years later).
    Val, My parents also comehere with nothing and have everything a person can ask for. ( But cubans always make it happen). I was talking about those people who do stay on public assistance for a long time. They should be given counseling, on various topics: from economics to the will of making it on your own with out public assistance. I feel if this government can go out of its’ way to help those in power over come alocoholism or even drug abuse, then we can certainly go out of our way to help rehabilitate those who think public assistance is a JOB.
    Regarding being a republican: Why is are there more people out of work now than with Clinton, And why is the deficit so high now? Some of you bloggers need to do some research before you criticize me. MAybe a war for Oil has something to do with it, Why is the education system not as great as it should be? Republican party not the republican voters think of profit profit profit first. OIL OIL OIL OIL.

  15. Val, I commend you for your effort towards Katrina.This also goes for your bloggers who donated money themeselves.

  16. New to this,
    Please provide a SOURCE for your claims about employment being lower now than with Clinton. I believe you are incorrect. The economic decline started with Clinton, not with Bush.
    Seondly, if this war was for Oil why is gas so expensive? Iraq was freed and you don’t see the US stealing Iraq’s oil! Please, spare us the liberal cliches and falsehoods.
    As for the deficit being high, well Clinton did not have to deal with Iraq or 9/11. If you think the solution to the deficit is higher taxes you are wrong there too. It has been proven that the tax cuts stimulate the economy and generate MORE revenue. I challenge you to prove otherwise. Please provide your sources to back up your claims.

  17. Max, I have to correct one of your sentences. It should read, “Clinton did not have to deal with Iraq or 9/11, although his cowardice in the face of myriad attacks on this country — including two embassies and a warship — were a contributing factor in the events of today.”

  18. George,
    Thanks! I stand corrected… He also had at least 1 opportunity to take out Bin Laden that he missed.
    On another note, my heart goes out to any innocent people killed by the earthquakes in Pakistan. On the other hand, I have heard those earthquakes may have killed some terrorists, maybe even Bin Laden! God I hope that is so…

  19. New…
    Good luck with your liberal propaganda..
    Buena Suerte!
    and BTW, this post is about Kennedy…got it?
    as you can see by reading this blog, I don’t think I need to speak for anyone, there are plenty of people here that can speak their minds just fine without any help from “mua”

  20. George: Check the IP number on ‘new to this’ – if it says Winter Park, it’s Steve Hunt, a certified chavista agent. I can tell by the telltale Eddie Haskell fake flattery. If it’s Hunt, just ban him.

  21. Mora y Leon, Carmen, I think you guys are threatened by difference of opinoins. So your best way to react is by banning them. be secure of your self and all will take care of it self. carmen you claim to be conservative, but what advantage does that bring to you or your people. Your probably from the south (backwards)

  22. New.
    Me from the South?? Conservative? and you called George a Republican?? Really???
    Now, let me try this:
    You a Psychic? is that your occupation?
    Enjoy stereo typing people for fun??
    Now let me try doing the same to you….
    You must be 18 years old or close, with no formal education.
    Perhaps you have tried to “hijack” this blog before and have been banned, so now you have to use another “name” (New to this, not your name)
    If you were related to me I would have given you some real Purgante to clean out your system from that cerebral enema you have been receiving on daily basis either from the MSM or from watching CNN!!
    Got it? now go play with your friends!!
    If you happen to be over 18, get the facts straight!
    Yes…I am from the South…all the way down in Havana!! 🙂

  23. if ted kennedy was so worried and upset about those that could not get out before katrina, he got millions, why didn’t he send these people transportation in order to avoid the outcome. these kennedies are a bunch of mother teresas, always crying about the poor but do nothing to help them. less rhetoric and more actual accounts, please.

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