Empty words

The European Union leader who attended the Ibero-American Summit wanted to make sure you knew that somebody – maybe it was the EU or maybe it was the Ibero-Americans – wasn’t lightening up on fidel castro and their decades-long demands that he hold free elections and respect human rights. This, despite passing exactly the two castro resolutions that castro wanted, even as he declined to attend the summit to present them. One was on Posada Carriles and the other was on the U.S. ‘blockade.’

(castro is still laughing….)

To paraphrase, the EU fellow said: ‘Don’t get me wrong. We haven’t changed a bit. We’re as ‘tough’ as we always were. Of course this time we condemned the yanqui blockade of Cuba, in just the (false, degraded, meaningless) language that castro asked of us. But don’t worry. We still have the same tough standards on castro we’ve always had….’

Spare me.

I really wanted to think this group could put something together to call castro what he is. There were signs of it when President Alvaro Uribe of Colombia refused to back down on the definition of terrorism. But even he didn’t get all he wanted, given the obstruction of castro and his Houseboy, Hugo Chavez. And in the end, the Summit, with its two pro-castro declarations and not one word against him, failed pretty miserably, too.

All these meaningless words from this Ibero-American summit have gone on a long time. Here is what Andres Oppenheimer had to say about the summit’s behavior for the past 20 years:

What’s most troublesome, judging from what I have seen covering these summits for more than two decades, is that many of these meetings are preceded by monthlong negotiations among participating countries over the wording of final resolutions that are openly ignored by some of its signatories.

Cuban leader (f)idel (c)astro, for instance, has signed Ibero-American Summit final declarations since 1996 committing signatory countries to hold ”free, periodic and transparent elections” and to respect ”freedom of speech.” Cuba’s dictator has stepped up repression since, yet the Ibero-American Summit has never called him to task — nor is it likely to later this week in Salamanca, Spain.

castro knows very well that these people are paper tigers. Hence, he can sign every statement they can crank out saying he will hold free elections, but never, ever bother to do them.

When is castro going to do it?

UPDATE: Here are assorted castroites in Spain putting on a clown show:


Bozos in buffoon regalia.

Flag-desecrating Sandalista fools.

UPDATE: If you can read Spanish, Aleksander Boyd, who has great sources in Spain, has more lowdown about what went on in Salamanca here.

UPDATE: Further good analysis about the degradation of the English language (in English!) can be read here. Thanks for the great link, Western Resistance!

12 thoughts on “Empty words”

  1. If the old bastiche has his way, never.

    Thankfully, though we know not the day or the hour, Beardo will go to meet his maker (and I’m not talking about the guy at the sewage plant).

    Of course, he’ll be leaving his current catamite behind to carry on his vile and disgusting legacy.

    One problem at a time.

  2. I wonder why nobody cares about human rights when young people were tortured and killed in the Cuba -before 1959 !!!

  3. Fiends, How absoutely shameful that the Salamanca declarations ignored the actuality of the prisioners in Cuba, the unjustly executed, the government sonsored repudiations, the destroyed ecomony, the absolute absence of rights… in Cuba…. but yet finds it opportune to repeat the demonstrably false claim of “blocade”, and the extradition claims for Carriles….!!!
    Spain under Chancletero (doen’t rate zapatero) is seting the standard for the lowest, most despicable form of complicity with tyrants. I only with mounting shame shall befall the spanish government, as well as all who look the other way while Cubans die and Cubans rot in jails unjustly.

  4. CSPAN aired the tenth anniversary demonstration of the Million Man March today. It was held in front of the capitol building in Washington, DC. It was called the Millions More Movement. Anyone who spoke and mentioned Cuba and or Fidel Casto had nothing but glowing remarks and praise for him. Alocron from Cuba appeared via large screen pre-taped message. He mentioned the Posada issue without saying his name. He also praised the crowd for making history today as they made history ten years ago. Louis Farrakhan praised Casto and spoke well of him. It was also mentioned that Castro met with Farrakhan and his people for three hours. He proposed the formation of a new goverment and outlined it in his talk. I am sure Castro and Alacron were elated. The event will probably re-air on CSPAN. The event was approx eight hours in duration, Farrakhan doesen?t speak until the final (approx.) ninety minutes.

  5. Farrakhan counts himself among the proud supporters of castro, along with the likes of JJ shakedown Jackson, The Black Caucus, and other useful idiots. Funny how they don’t seem to notice how blacks are treated in Cuba. Even Clinton endorsed the Million Man March. Farrakhan prayed for a Saddam victory and a defeat of America, nice of the MSM to attend this commie love in and show America just who’s side they are on.

  6. Spain: Ibero-American Assault on Language

    The ending of the 15th Ibero-American summit has ended with a victory for Fidel Castro (pictured left) and a defeat for the English language. The Ibero-American leaders have taken a resolution condemming the ‘blockade’ the United States maintain agains…

  7. Everyone has there own agenda, and rightfully so entitled to them. Who the hell knows whos’ opinion is right or wrong. Politicians lie to get into the position of power. so weather your for or against, you have to realize that we still have to respect and live together regardless or race religion or creed.

  8. If these protesters want for Spain the chaos that Castro has established in Cuba, they really deserve it.

  9. New To This said, “you have to realize that we still have to respect and live together regardless or race religion or creed.”

    I neglected to mention during his talk Farrakhan also criticized the Catholic Church and Pope John Paul II. While Farrakhan was outlining his new form of government for this country he made continued references to Africa and how that country will play a part by providing labor for his proposed plan. In reference to the Church and the Pope, he said that Pope John Paul II asked the people of Africa to forgive the Church and/or Christianity for the wrongs it committed to its people over the centuries. Farrakhan said in order to be forgiven one must atone for what they have done; there for the Church must repay for its sins if it truly desires to be forgiven. He suggested it along with other Eurpoean countries either build or rebuild the infrastructure of the countries of Africa, among other things.

    It sounds as if he exhibited like a lot of respect for race, religion and creed. What do you think?

  10. sometimes it is better to ignore those who have far fetched opinions. One doesn’t have to stoop down to a there level.

    I do feel that those countries that used slavery as a method to build there country should help Africa in a major way…

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