It doesn’t get stranger….

From the Vatican news service, Zenit….

Cuba Needs Church to Combat Abortion, Says Castro
Mentioned Possible Papal Visit

HAVANA, OCT. 16, 2005 ( Fidel Castro wants help from the Church to fight the “plague of abortion” in his country, reported an Italian cardinal at the end of a visit with the Cuban president.

Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, archbishop of Genoa, spoke of his trip in an interview with the Italian newspaper La Stampa, published Thursday.

“Fidel Castro is asking us for help to combat the plague of abortion in Cuba,” he said.

“The spread of abortion, as Fidel Castro emphasized, is among the causes of the country’s demographic crisis,” the cardinal added. “And it is also a consequence of the plague of sexual tourism.

“It is natural that Castro is concerned, and that I am embarrassed by the behavior of some Italians abroad.”

“The Church can make its contribution in the area of abortion and low birthrates in a country where openness is total,” Cardinal Bertone said.

Although the cardinal spoke about topics such as tourism, Castro wanted to speak about the Church, about the conclave and about “a possible visit of the Pope to Cuba.”

The cardinal traveled to Cuba Oct. 3-6 to accompany two Fidei Donum priests — clergy sent from one country to another where there is a shortage — who will work in two parishes of the Diocese of Santa Clara, reported the Italian newspaper.

The cardinal had made an earlier visit to Cuba in September 2002, during which he crowned the Pilgrim Virgin and placed in her hands a gold rosary sent by Pope John Paul II.

Oh, mannnn what a strange story! Surely it can’t all be true. Surely there was some wishful thinking on the part of the Vatican reporter.

castro has no respect for human life, why would he care about the abortion rate? Fewer mouths to feed with lots of abortion, for him that means more for him. After all, we are only talking about worker ants, commodities, not human beings, for this is the world of castrodom!

More to the point, WHO PUT THE ABORTION ON DEMAND RIGHTS THERE IN THE FIRST PLACE? Hmmmm? And who is the ONLY one in Cuba with the power to end the scourge? Who taught Cubans, deprived as they were of any spiritual instruction, deprived as they were of any concept of human rights, that abortion was the thing to do? Or sex for money on the Malecon was the thing to do? Who brought in the pervert Western European and Canadian tourists willing to pay for the sex? Who? Who taught the church-deprived Cubans that the end always justifies the means? What was that again about the Palm Sunday harassment of the Women in White? Why’d that happen? Every one of us knows exactly who’s directly responsible, it’s castro!

Abortion through history has always been considered a hideous crime and considered that for a reason. Not only that, in 1959, abortion was illegal everywhere in the world. castro made abortion legal because he had no regard whatever for human life and wanted to degrade his society and impress the Sandalistas with his sick, nothing’s-sacred values. NOW, he’s got a PRACTICAL problem of too many dead babies and nobody having new ones! And now he’s whining about this system, the VERY system he and he alone, as Cuba’s Maximo Lider, put in place. He’s come crying to us about it!

castro put the abortion there! Abortion after abortion after abortion! Abort away! Cuba has the world’s highest abortion rate! The highest! Right up there with the suicide rate! Cuba is not a culture of life under castro but a huge graveyard, a charnel house, a culture of death!

And while there’s all those abortion remnants lying around, castro’s got time to do sicko experiments on the aborted babies, the better to show to the Sandalistas and other gullibles the ‘advancements’ of Cuban medicine! For his own glory!

Listen up castro, I got news for you. You don’t like the abortion rate you go visit your old former friend Dr. Hilda Molina who was sickened by your abortion policies, which she herself was right in the middle of. She’s since renounced you and given up her party perks and sought to leave the country. You talk to her and you get some recommendations from her!

Better yet, you look inside your black heart and ask yourself why no one wants to have children in Cuba. Why no one thinks there is a better life, a better future, a reason to live. The only reason to live is to cross the shark-infested seas to real freedom before anyone can get a will to live and bring other life into the world.

castro has literally sucked the life out of his once-vibrant nation and turned it into the world’s bleakest culture of death. Now he’s pretending or sensing or lying or conniving that there is something wrong. Here’s what’s wrong: It’s castro!

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  1. Home-Coming Queen
    by Heironymous S. Anon-Y-Mous

    Mary was our ?Home-Coming Queen,?
    The prettiest girl we?d ever seen.
    She loved our whole darned football squad,
    And each in turn loved Mary?s bod.

    She jumped for joy when their team won,
    The football season was great fun,
    She was the fairst of them all,
    And that?s what led to Mary?s fall!

    Thinking sex just a piece of cake,
    Was where Mary made her mistake.
    And ?cause she was against abortion,
    She sued each one to pay his portion.

    ?Not mine,? each cried from the witness stand,
    ?That babe did not come from my gland!?
    ?With this poor maid you all did play,
    Now,? ruled the Judge, ?you all must pay.?

    Each takes a turn changing diapers,
    While another hands him wipers.
    Each spoons the mush while baby slurps,
    Then pats his back until he burps.

    Mary?s life has been pure joy
    Since giving birth to her baby boy,
    She sleeps ?til noon?has lots of money.
    She?s glad she kept this little honey!

    Copyright 1997 1/16/97 rev. 2001-04 Howard E. Morseburg

  2. Boy you said it Mora! It amazes me the spewage he gets by with. Not only does the MSM not question the lies and contradictions, but they fawn over him like some zen master. It is sickening!!!

  3. Castro [as the Cubans say] tiene una cara que pesa mil libras! In other words, he has CHUTZPAH for days [years, decades, eons]!!!!!!

    I just read a news item that said that Cubans are not having children. According to this article, Cuba will be the oldest country in the Americas by the year 2030. I’m sure that since Castro thinks that he will live to be 200 years old [remember when he made that claim?], he figures that he will be around by the year 2030 and he will be in deep trouble as the country’s populace becomes even less productive due to its advanced age. His comments could, also, be because he is trying to entice the Pope to come to Cuba and because he is a media whore who simply loves to be talked about and he knows that the pro-Castro American media will just repeat what he says without editorializing or analyzing his contradictory and stupid remarks. It’s a way of staying in the news.

    Here is the story about the aging of Cuba:

    Gobierno reconoce que Cuba ser? el pa?s m?s viejo de
    Am?rica Latina

    LA HABANA, 16 Oct. 05 (ACI).-La agresiva pol?tica de planificaci?n familiar impulsada en
    las ?ltimas d?cadas en Cuba convertir? a la isla en el pa?s con la poblaci?n m?s vieja
    de Latinoam?rica y en 20 a?os su n?mero de habitantes podr?a empezar a decrecer.

    Un informe del Centro de Estudios sobre Poblaci?n y Desarrollo de Cuba (ONE) reconoce
    que en el a?o 2030 Cuba ser? el pa?s de Latinoam?rica con la poblaci?n m?s vieja y aunque
    no menciona la causa del problema, propone como soluci?n crear capital humano m?s productivo?

    “El envejecimiento poblacional es y seguir? siendo el principal reto demogr?fico que tenemos”, dijo el director de ONE, Juan Carlos Alfonso.

    El informe que contiene estas cifras presenta as metas alcanzadas desde la Conferencia Internacional sobre Poblaci?n y Desarrollo, celebrada en 1994 en El Cairo.

    En el a?o 2004, la tasa de crecimiento poblacional en Cuba fue de uno por cada mil habitantes, la cifra m?s baja de los ?ltimos 24 a?os.

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