Battle over che t-shirts in Budapest

Tonight’s news is blowing me away. Today in Budapest, Hungary, site of the 1956 mass revolt against communism, an intellectual battle took place over che t-shirts. Hungarian democracy advocates warned that che guevara was a communist, a thug, a totalitarian and a murderer, and as such, had no place on the democratic spectrum. Meanwhile, some rancid che-worshippers of the true Sandalista sort said they’d continue wearing the garbage, blissful in their ignorance of the monster they bear on their muffin tops.

A Hungarian blogger, (It’s a Hungarian name, not a reference to bug spray) wrote the whole amazing row over the che t-shirts right here.

Like the Czechs, the Hungarians have always been on the cutting edge. iViva Hungary!

Hat tip: Global Voices

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    …in Hungary, where the memories of bleak, gray communism are not totally forgotten.

    I wrote up the whole unexpected turn of events, with the blog links on Babalu here….

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