18 thoughts on “Ay, Wilma!!!”


    She looks bad–strengthening to Category 5 and heading to south Florida. Brendan Loy has all the latest. The Florida Masochist is tracking the storm. Florida Cracker: “Looks like we’re not even going to get the chance to be wiped out…

  2. Val,

    Our thoughts and prayers are with all of you in Florida. Any indications of evacuations?
    Now remember this hurricane is the direct result of the evils of capitalism! Just a matter of time before hurricane experts castro and chavez begin to babble nonsense.

  3. Take care and be safe, Val, and all the friends in the south Florida region. And say prayers for the Cubans, who don’t have so much as plywood and certainly aren’t going to get their houses rebuilt unless they are good fidelistas. The storm is going to hit them first.

  4. Waiting on Wilma

    Michelle Malkin has a list of bloggers keeping an eye on Wilma.
    Imagine what would happen if the locals and FEMA evacuated everyone to North Florida only have the hurricane change course. Five words for ya: Special Report from Anderson Cooper!

  5. here we go again!
    Put the hat on, beers on the run, y a poner tablas. This hurricane is really scary. NO ES FACIL!!!! Hey tell Wilma that Fred is by the North Pole.

  6. And unlike last year, where I didn’t for one moment really think we were going to be hit by Charlie, et. al, all this year, I’ve been worried.

    Sometimes, when you’re a Floridian, you know.

    Se a cagao la cosa.

    Good luck Val, Jose, and all.


  7. Psst, btw:

    Pimpampun-sales must be skyrocketting this year.

    Nobody stays in their house — they all go to the abuelas or el tio, or la prima Barbarita.

    Hey, it’s the only way Hialeah gets visited once a year.


  8. Florida-based bloggers prepare for Wilma

    I originally was going to include this in my “Catching My Eye” feature this morning but it soon became clear that it was going to get substantial enough for a post on its own.
    Quite a few Florida-based bloggers are preparing for the arriv…

  9. Believe it or not, the Hurricane Hunters actually spotted Wilma Flintstone’s head in the eye earlier today, much like the image illustrates.

  10. What’s Been Going On

    Though I haven’t been writing, I have indeed been reading and these are the items that have drawn my interest. Patterico, playing to lovers of lawyer jokes everywhere, is ready to make a good start end it all over the

  11. I suppose I should feel guilty about laughing over that plywood state thing – but it was probably a Floridian who made it so what the hell.

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