Cuban taxi driver story

Now here is something interesting…

Apparently, a Cuban taxi driver took one look at a French tourist’s tattoo and charged the guy too much. Or maybe he didn’t charge the guy too much, and the Frenchman, like his hero, expected taxi rides to come along for free.

Hmm, which is it? What do you think?

Cubanet’s story is below:

French tourist with a tattoo of Che Guevara detained by police

HAVANA, October 19 (Ernesto Roque, UPECI / – A French tourist who had a tattoo of Che Guevara on his right arm was detained and handcuffed by police following an incident with a taxi driver.

After the tourist had complained about being overcharged October 11 on a ride to the Chinese district, an agent of the National Revolutionary Police let the driver go and there followed an exchange with the tourist. When passersby intervened on behalf of the tourist, the agent called for backup and 12 police cruisers arrived at the scene.

The tourist’s Cuban-born wife started to film the incident. “Don’t film me,” the agent shouted.

The tourist and his wife were placed in a cruiser and driven away.

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  1. I hope those tourists were fined for illegal filming, that?s the least they deserve, and maybe they?ve gained a better understanding of the face in that tattoo.

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