Saturday Generator Blogging

Wilma plus 5 days

Still without power here at the Prieto homestead. Major roads near us have the juice already, but since we’re strictly residential here we’re low on th epower restoration totem pole.

I think Ill be done with most of the tree and debris removal today. I’ve been chain sawing and chopping and carrying and dumping trees for five days now. Arms and legs are full of bruises and cuts. Hands are killing me. Back is shot.

i thought Id post a photo or two to give you all some idea of what Ive been dealing with these past couple of days. I dont have the time to resize, so bear with me.

Here’s the flamboyam split in two.

You cant really tell just how much tree crap there is there, but here’s the fallen pines.

Ive lots more photos and as soon as power is back up Ill be able to resize them and post them. Nature is an amazing thing, folks. There’s a couple of scenes I really want to show you but theyll have to wait till Im done busting my behind with the recovery effort.

Here’s one last photo that shows the Cuban resolve. Amid the devastation, the fallen trees and debris, the roof being almost all gone, no power, no ice, no nada we still ate one hell of an arroz con pollo.

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  1. ?o… Forget the trees, Val, I vote for more arroz con pollo pictures ;->.

    Take care, my friend. It’s great to hear you’re hanging in there…

  2. Val-eroso Valbal’u (and family),
    I, for one, admire your resilience. Bravo, maifr’ens!
    Look at the positives:
    –You may not have a full framboy’an, but it looks like you will have at least half.
    –The pines fell away from the ManCamp corner… and they even missed your boat!
    –And that arroz con pollo had me close to licking my screen as I salivated profusely (I see you are already using propane stoves… *everyone* should have one, regardless of where they live, and some spare gas canisters).
    The Zangroniz household has been able to feel a special kinship with you Miamians becase we have had three days of blackouts here, some lasting as much as nine hours. Supposedly, it’s due to hardware trouble, not bad weather.
    We got the power back at 4 AM this morning. Hopefully, that is the end of that. Que mess! My wife was getting sick of the smell given off by our appropriately named new lighting system: hurricane lamps.
    Before I forget, the Operation Pedro Pan people had a big presentation at the National Archives on Thursday night… it included some very prestigious folks, such as president Elly Chovel of Miami and the U.S. ambassador to Spain/Andorra, who himself is Cuban-born and a Pedro Pan.
    Yes, please don’t beg… I *will* send you a full report for Babalublog, with photos, but be patient. Today, I have to spend the entire day photographing a wedding here in Maryland, and tomorrow, Sunday, I have an all-day training session for a new job… as a photographer.
    See, life *is* good in spite of all the travails.
    Stay well and convey big hugs for me to the missus and the in-laws.

  3. I’ve got power, if you want to come over later today and at least have a hot shower. I would offer you food, but my cooking can’t compare, even with power, to yours and Titi’s.

  4. Val,

    Tu tienes cada cosa! admire your tenacity and not even a hurricane spawned by the evils of capitalism can keep you down!

  5. I used to work with this really skinny guy named Iram Carlos Camacho – the other guys knew him as Spider-Man (this thing won’t let me type a decent enyeh so I’ll give you the English) – and he’d sometimes walk up to you, show his bicep, and say “puro nervio!”

    You got sinew, VP. Folks around here – who get upset because their pictures aren’t back from the CVS or because the line at Starbucks is too long – ain’t in the same league.

  6. Good luck and God Speed on the repair and restoration.
    We really did dodge the big one here in Houston…this year. I am impressed that you and yours did not panic and flee, but are staying where you can do the most good.
    It sounds like Floridians really have it together and are getting back on their collective feet quickly. Congratulations.

  7. Val-
    How unfair that you tease me with such a wonderful photo when it is so rare that I have the opportunity to experience the lusciousness of arroz con pollo?! It is unfortunate however that your photography was inspired by the weather conditions…
    Send the recipe! I hope you guys continue to keep holding up ok.
    Cogelo suave,
    Ana Z. 🙂
    freezing in Albany

  8. I know what you’re going through–after Katrina we didn’t have power for ten days: our section of the street was the only part of the street out of power (thanks to the way the lines are run due to creeks on either side). I hope you get the power back soon, though. It’s rather frustrating being without.

  9. Dude, is your cell phone not working? I and my cheesy electric saw are available.

    Also, the juice is on here, so food deliveries and laundry facilities are available.

  10. Val,

    That was one awesome looking Arroz con Pollo!

    Best of luck with the cleanup, take it easy and hope you get your power back very soon!

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