Taking on Code Pink

Our lovely friend Kathleen at Blog for Cuba has taken on Code Pink, the Sandalista tourist outfit that specializes in gawking at the natives on castro’s communist island plantation, among other things. Val’s post about their latest Cuba shenanigans, appropriately titled ‘Cuban Blood Boils’ is here.

Kathleen emailed these sanctimonious pro-castro creeps and got replies from them. She took them off guard, and their reply exposes them in all their light-headed lightweight callow stupidity about Cuba. Cripes, it really is a tourist plantation trip for them and if you didn’t despise them then, you will now. You have to read it all here.

3 thoughts on “Taking on Code Pink”

  1. Thanks Mora, you know how I feel about these pinko coddled commies. Isn’t it disturbing how they come unglued at the idea of being called a Nazi but embrace communism?

  2. Unfortunately, here in Canada, it’s fine for people to go to the resorts in Cuba for spring break or winter vacations. The trips are usually cheaper than other destinations. Most trips are to Varadero and Holguin. It sickens me how much the travel companies here push these resorts. I don’t know, but I can imagine who gets a big cut of the cash these resorts make. And it sickens me more to know that people go there for vacation in a private area where they don’t have to see what’s REALLY going on. They aren’t blind…maybe they just don’t want to see.

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