Gathering in Support of Tyranny

So-called peace activists gathered in Cuba Monday for a conference aimed at creating a global organization against military bases operating in countries ? particularly the U.S. naval base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

The conference was organized by the U.N. praised World Peace Council, the brainchild of Joseph Stalin, who used the organization as a front for his campaign to defeat the U.S. under the guise of peace and disarmament.

Orlando Fundora, the leader of castro?s Cuban Movement for Peace, said U.S. military bases caused ?environmental and ideological depravations throughout Latin America?. ?Humanity and the planet have never been as threatened and assailed as they are now,? he said.

So here are these liars, these defilers of humanity gathering once again to denounce the United States, with all her democratic values, including the right of free speech that gives these groups license to spread their hate in America. Here they are in castro?s gulag, busy creating yet another anti-democratic, anti-American organization while no doubt enjoying all the finest tourist facilities that Cuba has to offer. Facilities that real Cubans suffering under castro?s apartheid regime are not allowed to visit.

They want to close the Guantanamo Naval Base. Cubans risk their lives crossing castro?s minefields to reach Guantanamo, hoping to gain asylum from the communist dictators tyranny.

These groups are supported by the U.N., by Pastors for Peace, etc., etc., etc.

How can anyone stand it?

Read the whole story here at Pravda.

15 thoughts on “Gathering in Support of Tyranny”

  1. Guys a bit of topic but i sent one of you guys an e-mail last week about Forbes publishing a story on Cuban doctors and Fidel. The story is awesome…..

    You guys need to get your hands on it. It is this moths issue.

  2. 1) The report on the “conference” of “peacenikSS” was published in Pravda…what a great media venue for that, as there is definitely no TRUTH in these lemmings’ rantings. They oughta overdose on warfarin, might clear the clots impeding much-needed blood flow to their shrunken brains.

    2) The Forbes article in question is in the November 14th issue, and is very good. It is titled “Fidel’s Cash Machine,” and is on page 204. The author is Susan Kitchens.

    I found a link on online, except there it is titled “Castro’s Medical Mercenaries,” no. 57 out of 100 articles searched. Here is the link:

    The link might not work, but log on to and you should be able to find it under the alternative title. It does require you become a member of, but as long as it is free, nothing to lose.

  3. Ah ok George. I thought you did’nt get it. With all this mess going on . I thought it was nice for Forbes to publish something like that. Maybe these left fools will see the light……….(right).

  4. RIDDLE ME THIS (Adivinanza): Why has Castro sent thousands of his soldiers to fight in “wars of national liberation” around the world in Africa, the Middle East, and Latin America during the last 47 years but will not so much as throw a rock at “Yankee imperialists” “occupying” Cuban soil at Guantanamo Bay, to “liberate” that territory and uphold “National sovereignty”?

  5. Because fidel castro is a FUCKING coward???
    (Apologies to the the list for this “groser’ia”).
    Remember, even way back in the days when castro was up in the Sierra Maestra (I was only about 14 years old, but I remember it well), he used a damned fu**ing telescopic sight on his rifle.
    And by the way, is there any *reliable evidence* that he ever actually *fired* that thing in battle?
    I haven’t seen any.

  6. Because in an early display of his business acumen, he made a payment on the lease, validating it. Both parties have to agree to end the lease and we are not leaving? And, what Julio said he is a f*g coward, unless of course he has Soviet nukes backing him up.

  7. Oops, and of course there is this:

    Cuban Liberty and Democratic Solidarity (Libertad) Act of 1996, Section 201, line 12.

    To be prepared to enter into negotiations with a democratically elected government in Cuba either to return the United States Naval Base at Guantanamo to Cuba or to renegotiate the present agreement under mutually agreeable terms.

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