castro’s fear of clocks

Maybe it was something he picked up in Mao’s China, where gifts of clocks are considered bad luck.

castro has this fear of clocks. Clocks remind him that he is not immortal and his time is running out. They also measure time and progress and now that a lot has passed, he has not only nothing to show for it, but evidence of how much damage’s he’s done. You can see his point of view. But one other reason he fears clocks is they remind him of all the overdue bills he has.

Like the one about all the land and property he stole from Cubans and Cuban-Americans. He never paid for it and now doesn’t want to be reminded of it. As a result of his piratical confiscations, something that has impoverished his country and destroyed property rights, he got himself a 44 year trade embargo from the U.S.

The U.S., to its credit, has never let up on forgetting it. And we know he doesn’t like it, given all the time and diplomatic capital he’s spent trying to get it lifted. In the meantime, while trading freely with all the other nations who don’t mind his confiscatings of their property, he uses it as his excuse to explain away his shortcomings.

(Funny, you’d think the worst of the embargo would be felt at the begining but that’s not the case. You’d think he would find substitutes by now. But he hasn’t. As the embargo goes on, he hasn’t thought of any solutions and Cuba looks worse and worse.)

The U.S. recently gave some money to a Nebraska law school to study ways of resolving castro’s $6 billion in unpaid bills from his confiscations when he’s out of the way, and that will happen. Obviously, the U.S. intends to make sure Cuba is no longer an outpost of tyranny. When castro dies, the hell he made on earth goes down with him.

That’s why the hysterical reaction in the castro press (if you can stand to open it) about the U.S. seeking to ‘turn back the clocks to 1958’ is such an interesting read. The castroites live in fear of ‘the clock turning back’ not realizing that just about any era except castro’s would be an improvement. I hope they are shivering as the bill collector approaches!

UPDATE: Thanks for the link from, a truly fascinating blog.

4 thoughts on “castro’s fear of clocks”

  1. I really don’t see how expecting any repayment from castro’s theft is realistic (but aren’t there still lawsuits in the works?).

    If there were a revolution tomorrow and Cuba became a free-market democracy any demands for repayment would have to come from the Cuban people. Obviously they can’t afford that sort of thing. And considering the amount of money castro has wasted, even getting his Swiss bank accounts would only make a tiny dent in the bill.

    I think the only possible result would be

    For individuals: Possibly some free land and government assustance from New Cuba. There’s no way they’d get back their original homes – they probably wouldn’t want them anyway.

    For corporations: Give the screwed-over corps priority, and tax breaks – the people they employ would provide increased tax receipts anyway.

    But the money lost? It’s lost, it’s gone forever and there’s no bringing it back.

  2. Jay: I largely agree. I can’t see how this would be easy – especially, as you point out, given the condition of these properties now after 50 years of castro. castro turns everything he touches to wet-rot. He’s like a reverse Midas.

    I was mainly fascinated with castro’s reaction – so obsessed with clocks and time. Must weigh on him and I hope it does.

    tic tic tic…

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