Confiscated Computers

Remember last summers Pastors for Peace Caravan to Cuba and those computers that were confiscated by U.S. agents? Remember how confident they were that the computers would be returned?

Were you wondering what happened to those computers?

Me too, so I called Ellen Bernstein here at Pastors for Peace and asked her.

Good news, to date their lawyer has been unable to obtain the computers release, in spite of weekly vigils by the “Caravanistas”, the petitioning, the phone calls, and all those press releases dutifully published by the MSM.

Ellen informed me that in response to their inquiries are they are told it’s in the hands of this office or that office, she gets the impression they are stalling, when clearly the holdup is because of Bush’s crackdown on Cuba, part of his get tough policy.

The group is preparing to move into the next faze of this campaign which will focus on getting their congressional supporters to apply more pressure. Two elected officials from out here on the left coast she suggested I contact are …surprise, surprise, Diane Watson and Maxine Waters.

Please support the Bush Administrations stand against these castro supporting anti-American communists.


Cuba desk at the State Department 202-647-9273

Jayson Ahern, at Customs. 202-344-1620

Michael Turner, at the Commerce Department 202-482-1208 ext. 3

Call your Senators as well as your Representative.
(Congressional switchboard: 202-225-3121)

4 thoughts on “Confiscated Computers”

  1. Suppose the computers were to be ACCIDENTALLY dropped from, say 10 stories up? Ooops! These things happen…

    “Suppose I were an idiot, and suppose my name were ‘Reverend’ Walker – but I repeat myself.” Forgive me, Mark Twain.

  2. I’ve wondered all along what is so special about these particular computers. Surely fidel has no problem getting ordinary home and office PCs – his buddies the Chinese make most of them.

    Is it simply the arrogance of the Pastors – they know it’s illegal to take computers to Cuba so they are determined to take some there – or is there something else about these computers that makes them worth the effort?

  3. China makes computers. Vietnam makes computers. Canada makes computers. He can get them from all over the world if not from those three of his largest trading partners. This is provocation & propoganda.

  4. Sure,they want computers for their military and dollar only tourist and medical industry – yeah we have those – we’ll send em some nice computers with some nice viruses in the hard drive.

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