Fontova’s Miami Schedule

I didnt have the time to post Humberto Fontova’s schedule for this weekend for the Miami Book Fair International. Our friends at Killcastro have however, so if you’re in Miami this week and wish to see Humberto, his schedule of appearances is here.

Ill disregard the poke at Andy Garcia in that post, mainly because Im not privy to what and exactly how much Andy has done for the cause, but mostly because I dont like to shit on my own.

5 thoughts on “Fontova’s Miami Schedule”

  1. All,
    I think everyone within a day’s drive of Miami this weekend should make an effort to show up at Humberto Fontova’s appearances and *support* him and his efforts.
    Buy his book (it’s not that expensive!), ask Fontova to autograph it, tell your friends, relatives and neighbors about it…
    Fontova is, after all, advancing the cause of a free Cuba in ways that most of us can only hope for.
    Just in case anybody is wondering, let me state that I have never met the man in person, that I don’t derive ANY material benefit of the sale of his books –but goddamm it, we need to learn how to support those on our side judiciously and thoroughly, sin ambages, co~no, because the cause is what’s important!
    You have no idea how I wish I could be in Miami this weekend!!! I would be honored to shake Fontova’s hand and to ask him to inscribe the three books of his that I own.
    So those of you who can be there, please go and make some good noise for Humberto. Because he deserves it!!!

  2. I plan to be there, wearing my Babalu shirt-so hope to “run” (figuratively speaking only, now! I still know how to drive in Miami traffic) into some of you – been in touch with Mr. Fontova via the “electronic coconut-telegraph.” Looking mucho forward to it.

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