Jesse Jackson, where are you when we need you?

One of the great heroes of the Cuban resistance, barely alive but very much alive in our hearts, is Dr. Oscar Elias Biscet. Via Juan Paxety comes this update on his condition. So where are the Black leaders of this country who praise fidel for his “tolerance” and while a Black Christian languishes in prison for just wanting to to be free? Shame on all of you.

Dr. Oscar Elias Biscet Prison Update

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

From Net For Cuba


The Director of Combinado del Este Prison in Havana, Lieutenant Colonel Miguel Azcuy, informed family members of prisoner of conscience, Dr. Oscar El?as Biscet, that Dr. Biscet is currently in “Maximum Severity System: Phase 1” and that as long as he refuses to put on the uniform of common prisoner, he will not receive any privileges and that his situation in prison could get even worse.

The prison director confirmed that due to a new administration at Combinado del Este Penitentiary, the situation of the Cuban doctor changed after August, 2005. Neither Dr. Biscet nor his wife and parents, who have been subjected to mistreatment during their last three visits to the prison, had been informed of this.

Dr. Biscet, who suffers from hypertension, chronic gastritis, and high cholesterol, has not been able to receive the food items his family brings him. This food follows the diet that his poor state of health requires. The number of family visits has been reduced, and instead of being every 45 days, the visits will now be every four months (two hours long), during which time Dr. Biscet will be able to receive his items of personal hygiene and some food. His cell frequently lacks water, and his is not permitted to go outside into the sunlight daily, as is stated in prison rules. (He is only allowed to go outside every 8 ? 10 days.)

This report about the critical situation of prisoner of conscience, Dr. Oscar E. Biscet, published November 8, 2005, is signed by his wife, Elsa Morejon Hernandez, and his parents, Hilda G. Gonzalez Alvarez and Luis N. Biscet Cadet, and ends by stating:

“The last time we saw Oscar, he was very thin but in great spiritual peace with a smile on his lips and his heart full of love. He says he feels well in spite of having high blood pressure. His conscience does not shackle him because exercising the right to free association, free expression, and free assembly, opposing the death penalty, and desiring a system of democratic government for Cuba do no constitute crimes in any country in the world; they are civic and humanistic activities. Criticizing injustices in a civilized way and practicing non-violence is a virtuous act, but it was for these reasons that he was sentenced to 25 years in prison along with 75 other Cubans. It is worth pointing out that prior to this current sentence, Dr. Biscet had served three years in prison for the same reasons, and for which he will complete a total of 6 years in jail on December 6th.

We pray that God will touch the hearts of many good people in the world. Please help us get him out of the human misery in which this black, humble, Christian man, the father of two children, a medical professional, and human rights activist who loves all of humanity has been placed to live.

3 thoughts on “Jesse Jackson, where are you when we need you?”

  1. UNREAL!!! I just watched Fidel live on TV bashed Bush for allowing torture in Guantanamo, Bush’s other “torture chambers” all over the world, where prisoners are treated inhumanely…and in Cuba these poor men and women are rotting in Castro’s jail, and the world does nothing!!! GOD help us when judgement day comes!!

  2. You can bet we’ll be praying very hard for Dr. Biscet – keeping his plight “on the radar screen” as you are doing is one of the best things to be done on his behalf, this side of the straits.

    Why doesn’t the President take up Biscet’s cause and hammer back at his critics with it, every time they hypocritically bring up “torture at Guantanamo??”

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