Sandalista eurotrash alert!

I want to break the monitor when I read stories like this: A Danish Sandalista outfit, full of phony Danish ‘save the earth’ eurotrash scumbags, people who have actually worked for ‘aid’ organizations, have just made a new movie glorifying the filthy stinking Marxist narcoterrorist FARC guerrillas of Colombia.

The FARC is a terrorist organization so beloved of fidel castro that on its crummy Web site, it actually thanks the vile bearded dictator. They should. He gives them aid, passports, plane tickets to Denmark, and rest and recreation from the comforts Havana when guerrilla life just gets too tiresome.

Anyway, these Danish Sandalistas claim that they were just keeping politics out (yeah sure) and wanted to portray the FARC – repeat, FARC! – as ‘human.’ They got special access to these al-qaida-like killer camps, and, moral zeros that they are, declared the FARC nice, cuddly, generous, approachable, just good Danes, really. Notice that they cooperated with the guerrillas in not disclosing their location, essentially acting as collaborators. What did they give these castroite narcoterrorists in return? You bet it wasn’t objectivity. I so very want to retch.

These creeps are fakes and probably have a long record of anti-Americanism with the international left. Google them. And remember these Sandalistas’ names, they are people who are no different in spirit from the murderous FARC and belong in jail right there with them. A Colombian jail, of course! Read the whole odious thing here.

Danish documentary portrays Colombian guerrilla life

Copenhagen, Nov 17 (EFE).- Danish filmmaker Frank P. Poulsen spent weeks in the jungle with Colombian leftist rebels to make “Guerrilla Girl,” a portrait of a young female recruit learning to adjust to a new and rigorous life.

The film, which just premiered here, is the culmination of a process begun four years ago when the director and his assistant, Johannes T. Jensen, decided they wanted to make a “different” documentary.

“I think that politics and art go together. I didn’t want to tell a big story or discover the truth, but to try and find out how they are and understand what they do. Then, each person can think what he wants,” the director told EFE in an interview.

Poulsen selected the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia to examine because it is the “oldest and largest liberation movement in Latin America” and because it had just been included on Washington’s and the European Union’s lists of terrorist organizations.

A year-and-a-half after initiating contacts with the FARC via intermediaries, the rebels gave the pair the green light and they traveled to Colombia in September 2003, using borrowed money because nobody wanted to support such a risky project.

There, they interviewed “Ivan Marquez,” one of the top guerrilla leaders who, contrary to what Poulsen had expected, gave them wide latitude to film the activities of the group with just two limitations: they were not allowed to film civilian observers or landscapes and/or backgrounds that would give away the training camp’s location.

Poulsen, who has put together several projects about Africa for Denmark’s public DR television network, knew he did not want to make a typical documentary with interviews and the like, but to narrate a living story from a more human perspective.

“We were living separately in a small camp to keep our distance and avoid making friends with the recruits. We told them to act as if we were not there,” said Poulsen, who made up for his scanty Spanish with the help of Jensen, who had much experience in Latin America working for the Danish aid organization Danida.

The result of their labors is a 90-minute documentary focusing on “Isabel,” a 20-year-old from a leftist middle class family who decided to join the guerrillas.
The film shows daily life in a FARC training camp, the process of indoctrination, the experiences of the recruits, their individual stories, their doubts and fears, their discussions and even their parties, with them dancing while warplanes fly over the area.

“Guerrilla Girl” also touches on past themes like the relationship between the FARC and drug trafficking, although Poulsen says that his intention was not to explain this or any other problems.

Ten kilograms (22 pounds) lighter and sick of the mud and humidity after a “brutal experience,” Poulsen returned to Denmark with 50 hours of film, the originality of which convinced the prestigious Zentropa to produce the work with several of the country’s best professionals and with funds provided by the Danish Film Institute.

Poulsen assumes that the film will generate controversy, since it depicts the FARC members “as people and not monsters.” Regarding the guerrilla group, Poulsen says that he sees it “as the expression of a social conflict, a liberation movement that has fought for 30 years against a state that has terrorized its own people.” Therefore, he hopes that the film can be shown in Colombia and that it will contribute toward “seeing the conflict from a new angle.” EFE alc/bp


Meanwhile, a bunch of these filthy FARC narcoterrorists surrendered after they realized that President Alvaro Uribe will be their president for the next four years. Here is their surrender picture and being good Babalu readers you will notice their FARC T-shirts:

Source: EFE

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  1. Mora, do you suppose while portraying the life of the guerilla they showed women, children, elderly being gunned down in a rural church? …or the bound, tortured, mutilated bodies of farmers, shot for not cooperating with the rebels? That’s the only portrayal anyone needs to see. The rest is all farce, no pun intended.

  2. Don’t you just know this will be at the next Sundance Film Festival. Hey, it’s art right? (headed off in search of a large bag) Great post Mora!

  3. The American Hollywood Elite communist dupes will just eat this muvie right up. Sundance! The thought is disgusting, Ziva. Something really is rotten in Denmark.

  4. One can only hope the Colombian army will not hesitate to mow down these types, if they ever run into them on an operation and they come under fire. This trash should be considered, at the very least, part of the FARC’s logistics infrastructure and need to be treated accordingly.
    Think about how things might have turned out if Herbie Matthews had taken a .30 round through the forehead in the Sierra, before he had a chance to write his drivel about feed-el.

    Let the left howl, should this happen. If you wanna play, be prepared to pay.

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