Cuba: Like a can of sardines.

Via Cubanet:

SANTA CLARA, Cuba, November 17 (Guillermo Fari?as, Cubanac?n Press / – Dozens of workers at the Empresa de Comercio Mayorista have been detained since the end of October because of alleged corruption in the state-owned business, according to sources.

Among the detainees are managers, office employees, security workers and stevedores, as well as some people who do not work for the company.

Said one source familiar with the company: “The bosses lost the notion of danger that stealing from the state signifies in Cuba and they took the contents of 15 containers of sardines which belonged to the ‘battle of ideas’ which Fidel Castro personally supervises.”

Another source said the number of detainees was about 60 and that they were undergoing constant questioning by State Security agents.

The Battle of Ideas: starving people since 1959.

4 thoughts on “Cuba: Like a can of sardines.”

  1. And it will never occur to castro that with a free market they would have had no (or very little) incentive to steal those sardines since they would have been available on the open market.

  2. This sounds fishy to me. But then, anything is possible in kagaSStroland. Wish HIS ass would get canned soon.

  3. Ra?l, vieja, send some of your “boys” down to the Empresa de Comercio, pronto! Babal? says our slaves stole my sardines. Stop ’em before they get to my crackers and olives!

  4. The utter absurdity of communism. The police occupied with sardine pilfering while their boss robs the whole nation blind. ?Que tonteria!

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