Hunger Illegal?

In what appears to be yet another downturn in the ever escalating race for the total destruction of Cuba, castro is launching a clampdown on the “dishonest new rich”.

Continuing last month’s thugery at gas stations, he is mobilizing an army of young Cubans to stamp out rampant “theft” he claims is hobbling Cuba’s state-run economy.

Translation-the smallest of free enterprise tolerated in Cuba, such as paladares, small home based restaurants, have allowed some Cubans to make a little extra money, money outside fidels control. I guess he just can’t stand anyone in Cuba going to bed on a full stomach.

Castro said hard currency stores could be targeted next in the drive to stop stolen goods and also subsidized medicines being sold on the black market.

“In this battle against vice, nobody will be spared,” Castro warned on Thursday night in a speech to Havana University students.

He indicated that Cuba might revalue its currency again, a step taken in April that reduced the purchasing power of Cubans who receive cash from relatives the United States.

Oh yeah, those dollars coming from the U.S. Got to stop those dirty Yankee dollars from infiltrating his pure communist state. We can’t have Cubans acquiring anything that isn’t bestowed on them by their benevolent murdering dictator.

I’m waiting for the speech where castro announces a “volunteers for starvation” program. The last surviving member of a family gets an exit visa to the U.S.

From Yahoo News, read the whole article here.

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