21 thoughts on “Oh, Canada! (Part deux)”

  1. The Canuck commie castro supporters have no clue what’s really happening there – it’s amazing how an entire country can be so stupid.

  2. Why isn’t Babalublog reporting on the arrest of Santiago Alvarez?
    Riddle me this, riddle me that: What is the difference between the Clinton and the Bush policy toward anti-Castro exile activists?

  3. I actually thought it was kind of funny the way they broke the sentence.

    “Chapter 3 of our red-hot Love On A Cuban” … series

    I was thinking it was some kind of expose about cuban women or something. 🙂

  4. delacova,

    I have been too busy today to cover that story. Hopefully Ill be able to get to it later or tomorrow.

    Regarding youre Bush/Clinton riddle, the answer is:

    Imagine if it had been Kerry at the helm.

  5. Notice the headline below: Hatred blinds US to the truth. One could say that love of Castro blinds Canada to the truth.

  6. Val,
    If Kerry had been at the helm, Alvarez would have been arrested sooner. That’s the only difference.
    There is obviously an informant that the Feds are not revealing yet.

  7. I checked out the news series here was one of the first few sentances:

    “I’m at the Breezes Jibacoa disco, the venue where much of the funtime debauchery will take place over the course of the next four nights during Singles Week in Cuba. … my girlfriend Jackie has grown another arm on her knee and my new friend Melissa from Ottawa has grown another blond-haired being altogether on her side.”

    Damn I wish I was there! If that isn’t an argument for lifting the travel sanctions I don’t know what is!

    I wonder how long it will be until americans get tired of having their foreign policy hijacked by illegal immigrants shouldn’t be here in the first place? I know i’m tired of it and so are many other native born americans like me. Leave what happens in Cuba to the Cubans, send home the illegals, and give americans back their right to travel and right to engage in commerce with whom ever they want.

    State controlled economies and lack of free travel should be the hallmarks of an communist government not a free market one!

  8. Mike, you wish you were there?! Maybe you’d like to share Dr. Biscet’s 4’x6′ vacation bungalow or try the fine accomodations at the Combinado del Este Hilton. Just go and feel free to stay there. Your ilk belongs there — and deserves what you’d get. Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out, you fucking moron.

  9. Mike, would you also like to have your sister or daughter being raped by foreign morons like you in order to buy food for their babies?

  10. Mike: First of all, you suck. Second of all, Cubans are not illegal immigrants, they are REFUGEES fleeing communism. There’s a difference. Third of all, feel free to pay back all the people who had their land confiscated by castro and his murderous thugs, which is why the embargo is on. Once you do that on behalf of your hero castro, we can all go trade with him, you capiche?

    Now go sit in the corner.

  11. mike has a point, he should be free to spend his money where he pleases…

    if he wants to spend it in support of a murderer, perpetuating the suffering of others, he should be free to do so- it should be up to his conscience (spelling people- sorry- not from around here)- or lack there of.

    and I’m guessing that by illegal he meant foreigners- apparently it’s the same thing to him… well…it looks like is not only a conscience that he’s lacking, but grey matter as well. (Dum guys are just not sexy-they’re only good for something if they are obedient…at least you can use them to do your laundry, yardwork, and all other tasks that don’t require much intellect- hey big dummy!!! that’s not how you fold panties!!!!! LOL!!!!! )

    I think mike tiene guayabitos en la azotea

  12. So, would you like to go spend money at castro’s businesses? or would you prefer to spend it somewhere else?

    In reference to my spelling: sorry dude- I told you I’m not from around here- think I do pretty well for a second language, though- I want to see how well you spell in Spanish…

    …oh no wait!!! let’s see how well you spell in your own language:

    “boarder jumpers” I thought it was “border jumpers” –

  13. It’s pretty pointless to reply here because will just get deleted in a few minutes but i’ll make a few points.

    ?So, would you like to go spend money at castro’s businesses? or would you prefer to spend it somewhere else??

    Where I spend my money is my business. You spend your money supporting ‘murdering thugs’ everyday. Do you drive a car? Well guess what you support Authoritarian states such as Iran, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Qatar and Venezuela. Many of these countries give money directly to terrorist groups. Do you buy electronics or other cheap goods? If so you have supported Communist China; either by buying products that have used Chinese labor to produce said goods or by buying a product from a company doing business with China and helping that company stay in business. In fact China is one of our biggest trading partners and they currently murder and torture Christians and pro democracy political activists. Have you ever shopped at Wal-Mart? If so you’ve helped support countries such as Syria, Iran, and Colombia who have also have a long history of murder and torture. Are you starting to see a pattern here? I?m not saying that you shouldn?t be able to spend your money on products produced in dictatorships; in fact I?m claiming quite the opposite. I don?t necessarily agree with people buy consumer goods manufactured in Syria, but that is their choice to make not mine.

    ?In reference to my spelling: sorry dude- I told you I’m not from around here- think I do pretty well for a second language, though- I want to see how well you spell in Spanish.?

    I don?t speak Spanish because Spanish isn?t the official state of Florida; English is.

    ?oh no wait!!! let’s see how well you spell in your own language: ?boarder jumpers? I thought it was ?border jumpers??

    I made a typo and you found it, give yourself a cookie. The difference between you and I is that I didn?t insult your intelligence and then hypocritically admit that my post was riddled with spelling errors.

  14. Damn it I messed up again. My computer froze and when I rebooted and hastily retyped my original post I made some typos.

    Change: “because Spanish isn?t the official state of Florida” to “Spanish isn?t the official state language of Florida”

    And change: “agree with people buy” to ” agree with people that buy”

  15. Gee, thanks for the geopolitical lesson there, Mike.

    See the differnce with doing business with all those countries you mention above, save for Cuba, is that they actually PRODUCE something. They actually PRODUCE goods for EXPORT. And while I have aporblem with purchasing stuff from China, it is almost impossible not to. As for oil for our gas, our reserves have more than enough oil for our own consumption. There is enough crude in and around the US to produce as much oil as is needed. Talk to the greenies about that.

    Unfortunately, the only thing of any real value that Cuba produces and exports is – are you ready, Mike? – the Cuban exile. And that is one hefty export.

    And while for you it may the obviously obliviously arrogant stand that you as an American can buy whatever or go wherever you want, you fail to see the moral aspect of such actions.

    As for your little language thing, heres a question for you, Mike:

    If a multilingual person is one that speak many languages, and a bilingual person is one that speaks two languages, what do you call a person that speaks only one language?

  16. hey mike, you’re the one who pointed out my “poor spelling”- and you don’t speak Spanish ’cause you can’t – ha! ha! You’re just jealous that Cubans took over Miami and made something out of it.

    Are you some leftist that hates Cubans because we are pro-USA and typically right wingers? Or are you some spit-chewer redneck that can’t really see past his nose- in either case- who cares what you think- you’re wrong!

    and yes- go right ahead- go to Cuba! maybe you’ll get robbed at knife point or killed like the Israeli tourist- or maybe you’ll just have a good time- after all, drinking is legal there at any age – and so it’s sex with 15 year olds- knock yourself out!!!

    And in reference to your economics 101: you are the one that said

    “Damn I wish I was there! If that isn’t an argument for lifting the travel sanctions I don’t know what is!”

    so you are the one that has to make his case- not me!

    (college kids! gotta love ’em)

  17. Even I have to agree with you on this one. I do not know what it is like now, but when I was going to Cuba in the 90s there were always fat, white, Canadian and Italian men trolling around for 15 year old girls. Gross!

    Nurian, when I was there it was not dangerous. I went around Habana Viejo and other areas of the city at night alone with no problems. Has it changed dramatically since 99? To me, being in bad parts of San Jose (Costa Rica, not CA)seemed far more dangerous even though CR is much richer country.

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