Canadian clod booted

Remember that castro-loving loser who was running for mayor of Vancouver?

The creep has been given the tip of the boot from Canada’s voters. There is hope out there after all. Canada may well become a castro-free zone.

The Real Cuba has the full scoop here from a Canadian present at the creation:

It is my pleasure to announce that castro-lover Tim Louis got defeated in last night’s municipal elections in Vancouver, Canada. I suppose this proves that Vancouverites have had enough of the castroist propaganda this man was spreading, and that they don’t want the city’s coat of arms to be replaced by the portrait of the mercenary ernesto guevara (che)! And the people don’t want a pimp as their city councilor, either, so I guess now Tim and his friend fidel can go to a deserted island (far from either Canada or Cuba) or another planet and start their dream brothel, because it is not wanted in Vancouver! Also, if the
Cuban people had democratic rights like we do in Canada and the US, they would get rid, in a nanosecond, of the pimp-in-chief who is their dictator and opressor!

Here a link to the election results:

And a story about the winner and loser of the mayoral race.

Today is a great start for a Castro-free Vancouver, and hopefully the same will
happen for Cuba very shortly. Viva Cuba Libre! DM, Canada

Read the whole thing here.

Darius, is that you?

4 thoughts on “Canadian clod booted”

  1. Actually, it appears he was running for a council spot, not the mayor’s office. Still, it’s good to see that he only did 16th place (though not so good to see that he managed to get five figures worth of votes….).

  2. Don’t think for a minute that Vancouverites will be veering to the right any time soon. The city is as far left as you can get in Soviet Canuckistan.

    From the local weekly music/movie/dining/fashion/left wing politics newspaper ‘the georgia strait’ comes this tidbit:

    “The People’s Media: Battling the Corporate Media in Venezuela – The Vancouver Internationalist Bolivarian Circle and America Latina Al Dia present a live interview with Telesur director Aram Arhonian, plus a panel discussion with local independent journalists. Nov. 25, 7 pm, Dogwood Centre (706 Clark). Info

    BTW, long-time reader and big fan of Babalou.

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